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Deleted Comments: The Swiss Are Working On An Artificial Vagina

And when they have it perfected, women are OUT.

Some Guy Yelled At Ivanka Trump On A Plane And Everyone Is All OH MY STARS!

Should you yell at Ivanka Trump in front of her kids? Let's wonksplore!

New York Times Lady Simply Aghast VP-Elect Mike Pence Got Booed At ‘Hamilton’

Faint your pearls and clutch your couches, VP-elect Mike Pence got booed at Hamilton! And the civility police are ON THE CASE!

How To Talk To Your Kids About Trump

To prepare them for a Trump presidency, teachers should tell kids crying is weak. SAD.
His active bitch face is no prize either

Donald Trump Wished Condi Rice Were More Of A Bitch, Like Him

Turns out Donald Trump has always respected women bigly, except when they needed to be bitches.

Sonia Sotomayor Wanted To Smack Scalia With Baseball Bat, But Only When He Was Talking

More proof that the Supreme Court ain't beanbag.
What gives? Not one of these people is a pony.

Deleted Comments: Why Is Hillary Clinton Cutting Off Donald Trump’s Head With Renaissance Art?

A rightwing website noticed our t-shirt, and decided it was politically incorrect.
Also refuses to take ex-lax

Ted Cruz Wishes Obama And Hillary Would Stop Forcing Him To Be A Dick All The Time

Back in July, it was kind of a big deal when Ted Cruz called Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell a big ol' liar from the tip of his tail to the top of his carapace. This was not only...

Florida Woman Scalds Rick Scott In Starbucks, With Words

Here's this week's excellent Speaking Truth To Bat Boy viral video, recorded by lucky bystander Stephen Bender and posted to the YouTubes. It features a Starbucks customer (later identified as Cara Jennings, "a former Lake Worth city commissioner and...
Maybe not that bright a guy. It's possible.

Pathetic Loser ‘Reporters’ Ask Donald Trump Questions, Expect Answers. Sad!

Some really weird stuff out in media land the last few days: Suddenly, several people interviewing Donald Trump have actually taken the time to interrupt his stream-of-gibberish talking points and say, Hey, Donald? You are saying words, but they...
She seems so nice

New Jersey Town Councilwoman Flips ‘P.O.S.’ Mayor Double Birds, Because New Jersey

A town council meeting in Mahwah, New Jersey, turned ugly last Thursday as the Council reacted with both pique and indelicacy to ... we don't know, some horseshit that small-town people get het-freakin'-up about. We do know Councilwoman Lisa...

Megyn Kelly To Mike Huckabee: We’re Just Whoring It Up All Over The Place At Fox News!

Sometimes Megyn Kelly does a thing where we don't hate her, and then we write "Megyn Kelly did a thing and we didn't hate her" and the commenters go URGGGH UGHHHH WHY CAN'T YOU BE MORE VENGEANCIER WE HATE...
Metaphor? Why did you think Grover Norquist's 'government small enough to drown in a bathtub' was a metaphor?

NH Republican Takes ‘Wave Election’ Metaphor A Bit Far, Wants To Drown Democrats

Hey, remember that one time Barack Obama repeated a line from The Untouchables and wingnuts all freaked out about his violent thuggish rhetoric? In today's Civility Update, we have real gem from New Hampshire GOP Chair Jennifer Horn, who...