If you’re a top-flight columnist, you get some perks in addition to a flattering photo next to your byline, like interns and assistants and stuff, people who can take care of the boring details that might get in the way of your creative genius. Or if you’re David Brooks, they take care of the boring […]

Just a day after Louie Gohmert’s passive-aggressive snottiness toward him in a House hearing, Attorney General Eric Holder subtweeted the Texas Republican in a speech Holder gave to the National Action Network. On Tuesday, Gohmert had suggested that Holder was not taking a 2012 House vote to hold him in contempt seriously enough, a comment […]

Professional conservative victim Allen West took to Fox News yesterday to condemn the incredible insensitivity and unspeakable atrocity of a “despicable, demeaning, and disgusting” email by Florida congressman Alan Grayson that compared the Tea Party to the KKK. West, whose job is to condemn all liberals for mentioning racism until it’s time for him to […]

A round of applause, please, for John McCain’s reply to a question from Brian Williams on Wednesday’s NBC Nightly News. Over the weekend, at the Values Voter summit, Texas congressdoofus Louie Gohmert had accused McCain of supporting al Qaeda — this has become the standard teabagger attack on anyone who suggests any support for Syrian […]

Angry Black Lady Michelle Obama decided she is just kind of tired of hecklers Tuesday, and told a protester at a private fundraiser in DC that she was not really in the mood to be interrupted. When LGBT activist Ellen Sturtz demanded that President Obama sign an executive order banning discrimination against gays in federal […]

That gentleman in the bluejeans up there, leaning uncomfortably into the aisle at the State of the Union address is one Ted Nugent, whose reputation preceded him. Seated next to him, at the invitation of Oregon Rep. Earl Blumenauer, is another musician, Pink Martini’s Thomas Lauderdale, from Portland. Besides performing hip retro lounge music, Lauderdale […]

Poor Mitt Romney. The day of his big speech to the Republican National Convention, and he learns that he’s got supporters like this: at Romney’s speech to the American Legion national convention yesterday, NPR reporter Ari Shapiro spoke to a nice retired lady from Manassas, VA, who shared her observations on the First Family: “I […]

How low has American political discourse sunk? Well, if a prominent human choses to say something nice about a person running for president, even if that something nice is about something totally unrelated to politics, and even if that human is prominent mostly for putting his wang inside a bunch of ladies, and also occasionally […]

J. Eric Fuller, a military veteran and victim of the shooting in Arizona, was arrested Saturday at the taping of a teevee forum and forced to undergo a “72-hour mental health evaluation.” Fuller does not like Republicans: “They appeal to simple-minded rednecks.” And he does not like Tucson Tea Party founder Trent Humphries: “You’re dead.” […]

Some IDF soldiers did a funny dance while “on patrol” (trying to find flotillas to murder). This lighthearted music video makes everything better; it heals all wounds, big and small. [Telegraph] The Episcopal Church is angry at the U.S. Senate for saying derogatory things about deceased terrorist Thurgood Marshall, who happens to be an Episcopal […]

We were watching this horrific CNN clip of evil Washington corporate lawyer/lobbyist Lanny Davis and others discussing the recent uptick in American rudeness — a few black athletes and rappers (and Joe Wilson!) have been very rude recently, according to the new fake national trend — and as Lanny was whining about Jimmy Carter’s “virulent […]

OMG David Denby murdered, literally murdered, blog-plagiarizing newspaper columnist Maureen Dowd, hid her body inside a wall, and wrote her column today! The Great Pundit Bitchfest About Civility 2009 continues: “It’s not. That country is gone. And in terms of biases that have faded, that’s a good thing. But partly due to the Internet, the […]