civil rights

Today, Senator Rand Paul liked himself a lot when he was either “brave” or “crazy” enough to venture into the Heart of Blackness that is historically black Howard University and lay down some TRUTH like that Republicans have always loved civil rights and more TRUTH like that he has always been in favor of the […]

Last May, we brought you the news that the schoolchildren of Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, were the luckiest schoolchildren in the whole wide world, because their school psychologist, Mark A. Traina, was tweeting awesome stuff about how black children should be “put down like dogs,” and also that he is not a racist. Well apparently the […]

As if we needed more reminders of the differences between the candidates in this here election, think about how Mitt “Do teh gheys even have famblies?” Romney might reply* to a letter from a 10-year-old girl who writes a letter to the President about her two gay dads: I am so glad that you agree […]

It is nice to see the civil rights legend and American treasure with his boogie shoes on. Especially considering we usually just write about him when hordes of Teabaggers have been showing their colors. [Via AngryBlackLady]

Oh look, a poorly produced video about some guy named “Jim,” a.k.a “our bitch who got us drunk.” (No, not Jim Newell, although we will make him our bitch and let him get us drunk if he asks nicely.) This video is about Jim Henderson, formerly a senior attorney at the American Center for Law […]

Do you remember how you cried and cried during Obama’s victory speech, particularly in the part about thousand-year-old civil rights hero Ann Nixon Cooper casting her vote for one Barry Q. Bamz? You can watch it right above, because we at Wonket are Not Afraid to Be Servicey! Now, how would you feel if that […]

Howdy, Merka! Big ol’ state o’ Texas don’t care to get told nothin’ no more from no Justice Department sumbitches yehaa an’ ‘cetera. That’s why they’re takin’ a breather from breakin’ their fillies and havin’ a gander at what they can do ’bout their nigra and Messican problems instead. First up, they maybe wouldn’t like […]

The Maryland Senate passed a bill allowing same-sex marriage that the House also passed last week, which the governor will now sign shortly, hooray! This makes Maryland the first state with a direct reference to Catholicism in its name to legalize gay marriage and the eighth state to do so overall, which immediately forced Virginia […]

What are the racist loonballs up to in …let’s see, Ohio this time? Sure, why not give Arizona a quick break? Antiques-collecting landlord lady Jamie Hein of Cincinnati is apparently the sort of person who came to mind when someone wanted to gift a 1931 sign from Alabama that reads “Public Swimming Pool, White Only.” […]

Just to clarify: Michele Bachmann isn’t offering to let gays get married in the same way straight people do, she’s offering to let gays marry people of the opposite sex if they feel the need to be able to get hitched so badly. This is how “civil rights” works, according to someone with a mail-order […]

It doesn’t really seem terribly equitable for Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents to only be feverishly deporting thousands and thousands of undocumented dark-skinned residents all the time now, does it? And America is about nothing if not fairness! So to keep things “even,” ICE has been steadily trying to kick out thousands of U.S. citizens […]

A racist nutjob prankster in Brooklyn thought Halloween-tyme would be the perfect occasion to hang a black dummy from a city tree by a noose and hope everyone would pass off a creepy lynching as a spooky “scarecrow,” for laffs and racism. HAR HAR? No, black residents were mysteriously not entertained by the joke, and […]

Rick Perry is a devious teabagger barbie doll who would kidnap Jesus and sell him as a sex slave to the zombie corpse of Stalin if it would win him the White House, which is the only possible conclusion from watching this video of Rick Perry visiting South Carolina and tossing off a bitterly cynical […]

With incandescent bulbs being phased out under federal law in favor of energy-efficient compact fluorescents, legislators want to exempt South Carolina from the measure, saying Washington has no business telling the state how to light its closets and countertops. The proposed state law, called the Incandescent Light Bulb Freedom Act, “allows South Carolina to say […]

Because a state lawmaker read “a magazine article on such practices in China and India,” Arizona is set to ban abortions made on the basis of the race or sex of the fetus. Not that there’s evidence women in Arizona abort a fetus based on its perceived race or sex; there isn’t. But this is […]