chuck grassley’s twitter

We remember those happy Thanksgiving evenings when, after the f’ball was over, the networks would show a fine old classic movie: The Sound of Music, or maybe Mary Poppins. Well, at Your Wonkette, we have some classic family viewing from 1965, although it pains us to report that Julie Andrews does not seem to be […]

Senator Charles “Chuck” “I now h v an iphone” Grassley (R-Xanadu) just loves him some Twitter. And he tweets with all the Nrg a man can bring to the task. But a true artist knows that he must grow. He must test his limits. There is a limit (140 bytes) to just how many insanely […]

Uh oh, our beloved friend Chuck Grassley snuck into the Twitter machine again, and would you look at this! And don’t give us that “Oh you can only use 140 characters on dumb fucking Twitter” rigmarole. The man simply does not know how to spell “school” and simply does not care for the learning of […]

Uh oh, Grampa Cornpants has stolen the intern’s key to the Twitter machine again. Time to shout nonsense at the President! See, Chuck Grassley and the Republicans, along with certain awful humans like Ben Nelson and Joe Lieberman, are begging a resilient Obama to wait until after their August recess to “finish” health care, because […]