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Nice British Singer Lady Will Do Trump’s Inauguration, On One Hilarious Condition

She wants to sing this classic protest song about black people being lynched, would that be OK?
Looks the same going in and going out!

Taco Bell To Congress: Here’s 6,000 Free Tacos, Now Help Us Screw Our Workers

At first this story will seem like a Nice Time, but it is not, so stop smiling and definitely stop making plans to have a serious craving for Taco Bell when you are stoned or drunk later. Taco Bell...
Just a normal guy, on his way to the Taco Bell.

Gun-Humpers Using Sexy App To Track Gun Control Advocates, What Could Go Wrong?

Here is a story that will warm the hearts of all patriotic Americans with guns firmly held by cold dead hands, out of which none can pry them! There are people out there who think it might be wise...

Today We Are All This Lady Brandishing A Semi At Chuck E. Cheese

Let those without sin cast the first bullet, but who hasn't wanted to brandish a firearm at a Chuck E. Cheese? Only those who have never had to be there, surely. But the big problem is, there is a...