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Las Vegas Police Might As Well Let Alex Jones Conduct Mass Shooting Investigation

No but seriously Las Vegas coppers, what the hell?

Deleted Email: You Have The Vocabulary And Intellect Of A Middle School Paint Huffer

This scathing criticism from 2004 will surely put us in our place!

Dana Rohrabacher Ready To Dead-Drop Julian Assange’s Love Notes Into Donald Trump’s Pants

Rohrabacher has THE REAL TRUTH about who hacked last year's election, and surprise, it wasn't his beloved motherland Russia.

Donald Trump Jr. Whispering Sweet Breitbart, Infowars, Gateway Pundit Stories Into Daddy’s Ear

John Kelly is trying to keep the fake news bullshit out of the Oval Office. There's just one little problem, and its name is 'Junior.'

Chuck C. Johnson, Julian Assange, And Dana Rohrabacher Walk Into A Bar, Because WHAT EVEN THE FUCK?

Everything about this story makes our head hurt.

If Only There Were Some Sort Of ‘Affordable’ ‘Care’ For Canned Racist Breitbart Writer

Guess Breitbart has gone Politically Correct now.
Chuck C is a wanted man

Did Someone Give Chuck C. Johnson’s Money-For-Actual-Nazis Website 1.5 MILLION DOLLARS????

Get your wallets, there's gonna be A RAGE GRIFT.

Trump Gives Press Pass To ‘Alt-Right’ Racist Frog Lunatic (We Mean Again)

We old-timers (online since 1987) don't know what to make of these kids and their Inter Webs anymore.

It’s True. Chuck C. Johnson Is Advising Trump Transition. Cyanide Pill Line Forms To Right

What can a lying, notoriously litigious internet troll teach Donald Trump that he does not already know?
Gosh, these terrible Clinton supporters are so terrible

Lou Dobbs Accidentally Doxxes Trump Accuser, Oops! Stuff Happens, Doesn’t It?

Lou Dobbs is right. This campaign is ugly. Wish he hadn't helped make it uglier.
myfriends, my friends, my friends..FIVE AND A HLAF YEARS, ALAN!

‘Oath Keepers’ Militia Loons Pretty Sure John McCain Needs To Be Executed For Being Tortured

A rightwing militia group is certain that a recording of John McCain's 1969 forced confession proves he needs to be executed for treason. Protip: "patriot" groups who want to overthrow the government give lousy legal advice.

White Power Morans: Jews Stoled Our American Star Wars And Gived It To The Blacks!

Smack dab in the middle of Monday Night F'ball, Disney released the new trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Hits The Snooze Alarm, And Is Late For Work, and there was a great disturbance in the Force, as...
Classic pulp covers just don't account for women as equal participants in legislative diddling

It Turns Out We Weren’t Kidding About Kevin McCarthy’s Sex Scandal. Huh!

Remember a long, long time ago, when we told you John Boehner was quittin' this here speaker job, probably because SEX SCANDAL? And you were like, Oh, Wonkette, LOLZ, you're so funny, with the jokes, that's why we love...
There might be some racist implications to this term. But only pussies care about racism

Wingnuts Invent Fun New Way To Slur Each Other, Hooray!

Heya Wonkers! We would like to have words with you. Or rather, a word with you. And that word is "cuckservative," which is the hot new catchphrase of Summer 2015. Expect to start seeing it everywhere soon, and also...
An homage to B. Kliban's "The Birth of Advertising"

Chuck C. Johnson Has Thoughts On The Charleston Shootings. They Are Strange And Racist Thoughts.

Since Award-Winning Journalist Chuck C. Johnson got bounced off Twitter a while back, seemingly for good, the man seems to be completely losing it. This of course raises the perfectly reasonable question, "How could you tell?" As Exhibit A,...
Perhaps this should be a crown of thorns for the beleagured soul.

Chuck C. Johnson Sues Gawker For Defecation Defamation, May Also Have Banged Sheep

Ginger-haired ass boil Chuck C. Johnson is in the news again, and thank god for some comic relief. Late last week, the chubby-cheeked leprechaun filed suit against Gawker and two of its writers, J.K. Trotter and Greg Howard, over...