christmas trees

Well, this is very sad. Apparently, History’s Greatest Monster Michelle Obama has neither shat upon the face of the smiling Baby Jesus by naming her Christmas trees “holiday African witchdoctor spear missiles” nor covered her Christmas trees in hypodermic needles and Stalin. How, then, is a hack of many talents to take great umbrage with […]

What is it with these Democratic First Ladies? First Hillary Clinton put dildoes and crack pipes all over the White House Holiday Bush, and now Michelle Obama is decorating her Holiday Bush with pictures of drag queens and Mao Tse Tung! What is next? Jars with rapebortions in them? PROBABLY. From the fever dreams of […]

Even your Xmas holiday decorations are not safe from a secret Mooslim like Barack Obama, who today probably realized for the first time that the National Christmas Tree Association filed a request to the Department of Agriculture to collect a fifteen-cent fee on every live Christmas tree sold this year by a large grower, to […]

Barack Obama said “Merry Christmas” THREE times last night, at the lighting of the National Christmas Tree (we only need one?). That seems like a lot for a Muslim atheist, but in reality, it proves he’s morally weak. Not only did Obama say this phrase; he also allowed a minister to deliver an invocation at […]

Say goodbye to the Washington Post‘s “Sunday Source” section. It will be replaced by David Gregory. [Fishbowl DC] Today is the day when local Christmas trees are finally legal, thus making them undesirable to members of Congress. [Washington Post] Here is a heart-breaking story of a $70k Audi which was stripped of its tires on […]