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Is Newt Gingrich getting a little jealous over Donald Trump loving Mike Pence more than him? MAYBE! Perhaps that is why, last night, he...

Wonkette made fun of Michele Bachmann and Donald Trump's pretended outreach to evangelicals. Clearly, we hate Christians and want to impose Sharia. Duh.

Congressman Rick W. Allen is a bad person.

Here come Walid Shoebat and Pastor Steven L. Anderson to kill your faith in humanity.

They may have stolen their plot from Michael Landon's son, and that is a violation of the 8th commandment.

Alex Radita weighed 37 pounds when he died. He was 15 years old. His parents faith healed him. It's weird that it did not work.

Everybody is stupid and also the worst. Except for you!

Wisconsin pro-lifers are organizing prayer vigils mourning Griswold v. Connecticut.

Probably not at all, we assume, but here it is anyway! It's your Monday Morning Cringefest! But on Tuesday because we had Monday off!

'Open Air Preacher' Angela Cummings is a sheer delight.

WHOA IF TRUE, but we don't think Pat Robertson understands the Bible.

Creationist homeschooling mom Megan Fox, best known for being mad at dinosaurs at The Field Museum, has a book now.

The Salvation Army refuses to host wholesome retreat after internet backlash.

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