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Would it surprise her fans to know she did not believe in America showing off its military might with parades and ostentatious displays? After all, she had aligned herself with the far more jingoistic end of the country’s political spectrum for her entire adult life. Still, Peggy Noonan of the Order of the Sisters of […]

Media Watchdog Ben Shapiro saw something nasty on the teevee. He did not like it. No sir, he did not like it one bit. He did not like Chris Matthews’ interview with Barack Obama one single itty-bitty bit. As the interview aired, Shapiro tweeted, A new television show asks the question: how close can platonic […]

What is up with Ronan Farrow? He is getting “razzed” by Chris Matthews, for totally and utterly being the secret love child of Frank Sinatra (gross) and Mia Farrow (cool). MSNBC President Phil Griffin hosted a launch party, Wednesday night, for Hardball host Chris Matthews‘ new book Tip and the Gipper: When Politics Worked. Following […]

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Oh, Chris Matthews, you disgusting pile of ugh. We do not even know what to say about the latest diarrhea that came out of your face while you were coffee klatching with Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC except (a) Seriously? (b) Why do you […]

We have already read about what made Los Angeles spree-killin’ cop Christopher Dorner go Django on the entire LAPD (and their families). It was LAPD racisms. So we know who (and what) he hates. But who does he love? Just about all your typical libtards, like Hillary Clinton and Larry David and Ellen Degeneres and […]

Can you type? Or if you can’t type, can you tell like an intern or somebody that you need something typed? Because if you do, you might have a shot at becoming a political producer for CNN, given that these skills are a prerequisite for the job, which seems mainly to consist of typing things […]

We don’t know what his exact words were, but according to this write-up of a recent media panel in Boston, Chris Matthews was cryogenically frozen during the years 2002 and 2003: “Hardball host Chris Matthews argued that because of the rise of opinion-based news networks, the non-critical aspect of the media is gone, going as […]

What’s Chris Matthews been up to the last couple of days? Oh, just looking for a conservative talk-radio gig. Here he is saying Democrats have decided to do nothing about immigration reform because they love illegal immigration so much. And that Obama is going after those who hire illegal immigrants only because he wants the […]

What is going on with Bachmann in this video? Her face is just unnatural, for one, but God, is her whole point of going on with those cackling MSNBC bitters just so there will be a clip of her making fun of that evil librul channel to pass around in fundraising e-mails? She has no […]

When Chris Matthews forgot that Barack Obama was Kenyan for an hour, we remembered that Chris Matthews was insane, his whole life, back to the zygote stage. (“LEMME OUT, CHRIST ALMIGHTY…”) So here’s to more daily Tweety hilarity from now on. Operative “Tom S,” for one, caught this last night: “At about 1 minute before […]

Oh Tweety. It’s fine, really. If we were Boomers, we would forget that people were black sometimes too.

So Obama said he didn’t like TARP but thought it was necessary. This led Chris Matthews to say, “I forgot he was black tonight, for an hour.” Ha ha, well hopefully he remembers now. America’s future depends on him knowing this. [Think Progress]

You have probably seen this like ten times by now, where Chris Matthews says Obama went into “the enemy camp” (the White Army) to deliver his speech last night. Shockingly, this pissed off no one more than National Review‘s Kathryn Jean “Jonah Goldberg” Lopez, who declared this moment MSNBC’s “new shameful low” and added, “Chris, […]

Chris Matthews, he’s goin’ nuts. Meh. Most of the “issues” on this laundry list are trivial, gossipy tabloid fodder. The only Serious policy item would have to be, in Tweety’s words, “Why DID he bow to that Japanese emperor?” It’s unclear which of the Japanese emperors he’s referring to. [YouTube]

A TAWDRY WORDFIGHT erupted yesterday on the Chris Matthews program between Frank Gaffney, some shouty, mid-level hawk, and Ronald Reagan’s son, Ron Reagan. “Do you want the Taliban to be Afghanistan’s government?? Taliban, Ron,” Gaffney screams at Reagan, who’s like, “…” Then Reagan essentially tells Frank Gaffney that he and all his stupid arguments are […]