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RUN, RONNY, RUN! Wonkagenda For Tues., April 24, 2018

Ronny Jackson has a a problem, Scott Pruitt's days may be numbered, and Hannity blames Obama for his millions. Your morning news brief.
Yup yup yup yup

GOP Won’t Protect Robert Mueller, Because Of How Mitch McConnell Sucks Turtle Assholes

Who's selling his soul to destroy the Republic today? Oh hey, it's Mitch McConnell!

Mitch McConnell Just DELIGHTED To Deport Dreamers Up Shit Creek

What's next for DACA recipients? How about an underground railroad to Canada until sanity returns to this place?

Good Boy Devin! Wonkagenda For Mon., Feb. 5, 2018

The Memo gets shredded, incumbent House Republicans running scared, and Illinois GOP embraces hate. Your morning news brief.
Gonna fuck you up!

GOP Will Protect Robert Mueller The Second It’s Too Fucking Late To Protect Robert Mueller

Silly liberals, why are you even worried?

DOJ Dick-Punches Devin Nunes Over Dumbass Fake Memo

Devin Nunes deserves every bit of this.

Holy Shit, Just How Much Did Donald Trump Jr. Lie To The Senate Today?

Sounds like he lied A WHOLE FUCKIN' LOT.
The nominee and his nipples

Scott Brown Drives His Man-Truck To Victory In Massachusetts Or Whatever: Your Final Primary Wrap-Up!

The last primaries of 2014 took place last night, and there's a fun upset-not-upset in the mix! Up in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (God Save It! © Charles P. Pierce), lantern-jawed newcomer Seth Moulton became the first Democrat in...

Senate Decides That Lawyers Who Defend Criminals Shouldn’t Really Be Lawyers

Is your Twitter timeline full of nothing but the Senate failing to confirm Debo Adegbile? Are you having to cut and paste Debo Adegbile over and over to tweet about it, because you won't remember how to spell it?...

More Democrats Squeamish About Trying To Win Presidential Election

If you thought that the full chorus of national voices in the Democratic party might have no problem with -- and in fact would embrace, not merely for political reasons but also because they believe it and consider it...

Don’t Tell Us You May Actually Elect Christine O’Donnell, Delaware

"Coons Camp Expresses Turnout Worries." "Delaware Dems claim GOP intimidation by O'Donnell backers, worry over turnout." OH C'MON, YOU GUYS. Don't tell us this could actually happen. We refuse to believe Americans can actually elect this person to high...

Democrats Deny Existence Of Human-Mouse Hybrid Monsters

Election Day is coming soon (not soon enough though, we hate it!), and everyone has run out of money to spend -- everyone except for the Republicans, that is. The Democrats are so poor and destitute that they are...

Also, Christine O’Donnell Has No Idea Who Is In the U.S. Senate

Oh, the Democrat in the U.S. Senate Christine O'Donnell would work well with would be Hillary Clinton! That's very interesting. You see, Christine O'Donnell somehow knows she will be allowed on the Committee on Foreign Relations. This would certainly...

Christine O’Donnell Shocks Delaware By Not Knowing First Amendment

Staying true to her background as a character from a 1990s teevee show, Christine O'Donnell was in her state today talking about teaching creationism in schools, because she wants children to have the math and science skills to get...