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Tag: chris armstrong

This guy has drained our gay joke reservoir.

Creepy Michigan AG Who Stalked Gay Kid Gets To Pay $3.5 Million

Our favorite swishy homo-Nazi crusader is back! Former Michigan Attorney General Andrew Shirvell has lost his trial in appeals court after defaming University of Michigan student Chris Armstrong. You may remember Andrew Shirvell from a few years ago. He was...

Totally Not Gay Andrew Shirvell Ordered To Pay $4.5 Million For Heterosexually Stalking Gay College Student

Lispy former Michigan Assistant Attorney General Andrew Shirvell, who is absolutely not gay, will have to pay $4.5 million in damages just because he stalked, harassed, and obsessively chronicled the private life of former University of Michigan student body...

Michigan’s Most Effeminate Homophobe, Andrew Shirvell, Into Kinky Bus Play, Panel Concludes

Brave American and very heterosexual hero Andrew Shirvell was really upset in 2010 because the University of Michigan student body president Chris Armstrong (himself a gay) was obviously trying to make Shirvell gay with his radical homosexual agenda. To...