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Tag: choice

Sheriffs don't have to know nothing 'bout birthing no babies

Team Of Evils: It’s Gonna Be A ‘Dead Baby In the Jail Cell’ Kind Of Day

Hey! We found a sheriff worse than Joe Arpaio!
Is it November 9 yet?

Let’s Pretend To Care About Kansas And South Carolina! Your Senate Sunday Reaches Its End

Let's see what's doing in some red states, to round out our look at all 34 Senate races this year.

Your Senate Sunday: Indiana Just Barely Getting Bayh

Indiana's Evan Bayh simply has to retake his Senate seat, for the sake of future political trivia.
Two great tastes that go great together...

Senate Sunday: Louisiana Won’t Be Electing David Duke To US Senate. Sorry Racist Scumbags!

Son of a gun, too many idiots run, on the Bayou.
He seems nice

Minnesota GOP Congressional Nominee Has Fun, Creative Views On Women, Slavery, Everything

Meet Minnseota's brand new rightwing GOP nominee for Congress. He has the potential to out-Bachmann Michelle Bachmann, but comes from a swing district, thankfully.

Your Senate Sunday: Florida’s U.S. Senate Race About As Screwy As Everything Else In Florida

Florida's having another election. Please tighten your safety belts and assume your crash positions.

Can Either Of These Total Newbies Beat Loathsome Utah Teabagger Mike Lee? Your Senate Sunday

You know what would be cool? Utah -- for godssakes UTAH -- nominating the nation's first transgender major party candidate for Senate.
Everybody Must Get Stoned

Jesus Pals Disagree On Which Whores To Stone, Just Kidding No They Don’t

Donald Trump's suggestion last week that of course there have to be criminal penalties for women who have abortions -- even after he tried to walk it back -- has caused no small amount of consternation among the Religious...
It starts with glitter...but escalates to streamers and balloons

Anti-Abortion Group Vows To Rebuild After Tragic Glitter Bombing

As if you needed any further proof that there are extremists on both side of the abortion issue, consider the recent heinous attack launched on the anti-abortion website "LifeNews," which was hit last week with a full-scale assault of...

The Weekend Stock Photo Report Chooses To Be Gay

In this installment of The Weekend Stock Photo Report with Weekend S. Photo, Benjamin Netanyahu growls sofly and carries a big shtick, The Supreme Court dignifies the undignifiable, and Ben Carson is a doctor, really! Missed last week's report? No...
Ia! Ia! Cthulhi Ftetus!

Alabama Wingnut Judge Will Save All The Fetuses With Legal Magic

Alabama Supreme Court Justice Tom Parker is one of the great legal minds of the "pro-life" movement, whose mission in life is to legally transmute all fertilized eggs into human beings so that abortion will go away forever, and...

Michele Bachmann Wants To Abort National Women’s Museum

Michele Bachmann took a courageous stand today against authorizing a National Women's History Museum that's proposed for the National Mall. We know the gals like shopping, but instead of the Mall, wouldn't a better place be the National Kitchen?...

What Filthy Things Will You Do To Celebrate Purity Day?

Oh, golly, look at these hip young chaste people who are bravely resisting our filthy culture's pressure to give in to their animalistic sex drive! They are saving themselves for marriage, and getting ready to celebrate the Day Of...

5th Circuit Reinstates Awful Texas Abortion Regulations, Coat Hanger Futures Skyrocketing

Well, that half-hearted celebration sure was premature. The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals has rescinded Monday's federal ruling that had found part of Texas's terrible abortion law unconstitutional, restoring restrictions that will have the effect of closing most of...