Some time ago, Melissa Harris-Perry was pretty mad at all the white liberals for racistly abandoning President Obama, with racism, probably because she forgot we all did the same thing to Bill Clinton. (Don’t act like you didn’t vote for Nader, wonker; we see and know all.) Well, the white libs might not have abandoned […]

We are having one hell of a time keeping up with this internecine gun group warfare. It all started Monday, when the grandaddy of all gun-humpers, the NRA, asked some of the open carry folks to please chill because toting machine guns to TGIFriday’s was making the sheeple nervous. The open carry folks, of course, […]

Oh, golly, folks, looks like another gun-grabbing freedom-hating libertysquisher corporation is trying to Take Away Our Right To Self Protection! After a group of those cheerful souls from Open Carry Tarrant County — the same charmers that scared the living bejesus out of some Jack In the Box workers a while¬†back¬†– made a big show […]

This morning, let’s play some games on egalitarianism, read up on libertarian symbols such as soda, and learn how to tweet. Happy Friday! Mayor Bloomberg wants to take away New Yorkers’ giant sodas — nothing over 16 oz. It’s already too late, man, we’re never all going to fit into the N train, no matter […]

Thursday, December 10: The Washington Post may be shutting down bureaus and upping its price (ha ha, it’s dying), BUT it’s still hosting happy hours. The Post‘s Gurus host their monthly Going Out Guide Happy Hour tomorrow from 6PM-8PM at Buffalo Billiards, and Santa will even be making a guest appearance.

Today through Saturday, July 26: A squash blossom is an edible flower, and, as all edible flowers deserve specials festivals, Oyamel is hosting one in the squash blossom’s honor. In celebration, there will be small plates featuring the delectable flower for $8-$14. [Squash Blossom Festival, Oyamel]