children’s books

OK, so much for that “nice time” crap. Here’s a happy little children’s book to “sensitively” explain to children, “with love and compassion,” why God gets really, really worked up about whose genitals are allowed to touch, and why such limited touching must only happen inside a heterosexual marriage. It must be an excellent book, […]

We remember seeing this book, Raymond Briggs’ The Tin-Pot Foreign General and the Old Iron Woman, when it was released in 1984. Any youngsters among the Wonkettariat may need a bit of background on the Falklands War before watching. (Hint: It was a bloody postcolonial fuck-tussle in which Argentina invaded some islands to prove it […]

Jan Berenstain, who co-authored the childrens’ book series The Berenstain Bears along with her late husbad, Stan, died last week. This is a tragedy to your Wonkette writer, who read and made bad political jokes about dozens of these little family bear books as a child. And your Wonkette writer is apparently the same age […]

President Obama has written a children’s book, apparently, and it will be released November 16. It’s called Of Thee I Sing: A Letter to My Daughters, because when you are president, you cannot just simply write your daughters a letter and hand it to them, you have to send it to a publisher and have […]

Man, kids lurrrv Barack Obama, probably because his name is easy to pronounce and he’s not a scowly old creep. Well, that’s one explanation … for losers! An alternative theory has it that the children’s book industry transformed our nation’s youth into a wandering herd of Obama zombies by releasing a whole bunch of presidential […]

Only a couple of years after publication of the definitive closet-gay child’s escapist fantasy, Why Mommy Is a Democrat, some dingus has finally self-published the appropriate wartime response, Why Daddy Is A Republican. Because Daddy is John McCain? Oh, wrong children’s propaganda book.

Meghan McCain is a quick finisher! It hasn’t been that long since we first learned about John McCain’s unemployed blogger daughter’s upcoming children’s book, and already it’s nearing publication. September 2 in fact, during the convention! And yes, that is the actual cover art, and yes, members of the Main Stream Media got a sneak […]

Meghan “Blogette” McCain, the princess daughter of John McCain and his second trophy wife Cindy, has sewn up a children’s book deal. It sounds frightening, according to what she says in a publisher’s statement: “I am truly excited about the opportunity to write a children’s book about my father, who is not only a fantastic […]