child support

So let’s say you want to be in charge of communications for the York County Domestic Relations department, which handles things like child support payments. What is a smart thing you could do to improve relationships with the people you work with? Did you answer “send them a misspelled text message insinuating they are a […]

Say you are a Wisconsin millionaire repo man who doesn’t want to pay so much gosh-darned child support, and you would like to get a law passed that says “stop class-warring job creators by making them feed their children all the time.” Wouldn’t it be great if there were someone you could call who would […]

Bitter defeated one-term congressman and Father of the Millennium Joe Walsh will finally be able to pay his child support again! Because someone is going to pay him whore diamonds to open his singularly mean mouth and vomit “thoughts” and “ideas” and “accusations that his opponent wears ladies underwear” on our nation’s airwaves! HOORAY! Joe […]

In the case of one dumb, defeated ex-congressman, Joe Walsh, being booted out of office after one term surprisingly did not provoke him into carefully reevaluating his beliefs and approach towards life. Instead, he quadrupled down on what he is best at: being a deadbeat motherfuckin’ dad. Now that he has no job, the former […]

Jim Treacher, who periodically writes incredibly stupid shit at the Daily Caller Media Foundation Trademark, is now demanding the real birth certificate for Hillary Clinton’s concussion or something, and DEMANDS RESPECT FOR HIS CRUSADE. A few weeks ago, when Hillary’s people said she wouldn’t be testifying about Benghazi because she’d fallen down and hit her […]

Let us sum up teabagger barbie Joe Walsh’s congressional accomplishments to date, because it’s an easy one: nothing. Joe Walsh is mostly the “if serial deadbeat Christine O’Donnell were actually elected” alternate universe equivalent of someone who miraculously got a job in Congress for blathering shrill, hypocritical nonsense on Fox News all the time as though that […]

Screeching famewhore Joe Walsh is a Tea Party congressman who is always thrilled to go on the teevee to blow snot about the fiscal irresponsibility of the Obama administration and not so much thrilled about the actual governing process. He is, like Michele Bachmann, mostly notable for being one of the loudest members of the […]