child labor

I live in the Midwest where we now only have negative temperatures, which means that we are in hock to the thermometer. If I’m going to keep us out of temperature prison, there has to be hot cocoa. Has anyone ever turned down a cup of hot cocoa? Not in the history of God and […]

Greetings, intrepid Temps-Voyageurs! Let us not tarry, for there is much to explore in this quaint and curious volume for Christianist 10th-graders, World History and Cultures In Christian Perspective. Last week, we finally reached the founding of the USA, that pivotal moment when the Founders decided which parts of the Bible to include in the […]

Yesterday, late-night television, today, THE FAMILY FARM! President Obama is on a quest to ruin all the fun the conservatives are having now they’ve got a/their man, and the latest method is to tell people who own farms that their children can’t necessarily work on them because they are children? Crazy. “For generations children and […]

At a Newt Gingrich event on Wednesday (THESE CONTINUE TO EXIST, though what is meant by “event” may only amount to a release of gas), a man who spent part of his high school years working as a janitor explained to Gingrich that, you know, if he has to be honest, better economic ideas have […]

Oh, goody! Senator Chuck Grassley has become the latest Republican non-healing ulcer to air his word salad “ideas” on child labor. With the help of palletfuls of billion dollar bills from unwitting taxpayers, Grassley’s state of Iowa and its high-fructose corn syrup fields have been enfluffening America’s children for the past thirty years. But times […]

What a boring Friday! Why is that Loughner kid not doing anything crazy? There are so many reporters there in Tucson, ready for him to lick a bailiff. What are we supposed to talk about, each vote in that RNC election? Meh. Or that the new Utah senator says the ban on child labor is […]

This video was e-mailed to us by a frightened child calling herself “Halina Bennet.” She told us she and her siblings put this video together exposing the cruel child-labor practices Sen. Michael Bennet has forced upon them in his campaign. Shameful.