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“Two administration officials tell The Associated Press that William Daley will be the next White House chief of staff.” Yes, Barack Obama has replaced Chicago politician Rahm Emanuel with Chicago politician Bill Daley, so America has a new chief of staff to help its president fight its Congress. Obama was really thinking creatively with this […]

So will we have to keep talking about it when it happens? Sources say Emanuel will be replaced at least temporarily by Pete Rouse, an Obama adviser and veteran Hill staffer. The Associated Press reports that Emanuel will return to Chicago over the weekend and begin touring neighborhoods on Monday, according to sources familiar with […]

Rahm Emanuel quits! He is slated to leave for Chicago as early as this Friday — which means he’s probably loadin’ up his U-Haul at this very moment. This is pretty much headline news around the globe but we decided to give the “hat tip” to The Politico because they know who’s replacing Rahm. Leon […]

Chicago Mayor Richard Daley said today that he won’t run for re-election in 2011. But wait, the blogosphere remembered, doesn’t Rahm Emanuel want that job? DRUDGE SIRENS! “I would like to run for the mayor of the city of Chicago.” That is something Rahm told Charlie Rose one time! And then Chris Cillizza called up […]

If you’re a former ballet dancer with a hot temper and nine and a half fingers, you’re probably glad to see that this Rahm Emanuel fellow came along. If he can make it, so can you! Emanuel also has two brothers, Zeke and Ari, with whom you might have more in common than you might […]


by Sara K. Smith

WELL THAT DIDN’T TAKE LONG: Emanuel accepted the job. [Politico]

TEASES  11:55 am November 6, 2008

Rahm Emanuel Is Very Coy

by Sara K. Smith

Possible next White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is being terribly cruel to his fan base by reminding them that he is already married, with children. “I do know something about the White House and I have children now. I have a family,” he told WLS-TV in Chicago. These “children” of his might require […]

FOR THE RECORD  4:09 pm November 5, 2008

by Jim Newell

SO THERE’S THAT: A-ha, Andrea Mitchell reports that Rahm Emanuel has accepted the offer to become Obama’s chief of staff! O-ho, Andrea Mitchell is wrong! Whoa hey! Now go back to your jobs people, nothing to see here. [MSNBC]

Hmm, very interesting! Rahm Emanuel loudly pooh-poohed Howard Dean’s 50-state strategy — you know, the deal where you actually pretend that states besides Ohio and Florida matter in electing a president — and now he has been offered the job of Chief of Staff to that same strategy’s biggest benefactor, Barack Obama. Of course Emanuel […]