cherry blossoms

There are many great things that come with the start of spring, like homeless people returning to Dupont Circle, tourists on Segways, free cone day, and Jesus. Of all the obligatory D.C. spring activities, though, there’s nothing more loved than staring at the cherry blossoms, even if those pretty pink blossoms look exactly the same […]

The cherry blossoms made their yearly appearance last week, but the motherfuckers only peaked for one day! That was it. One day of cherry blossom amazingness, eight days of ehh, and 14 days of non-stop tourists and their incredible ability to circle trees and just be in the way, period. This is the last time […]

Saturday, March 27: We enter the dark and scary time that is Cherry Blossom season with the annual Kite Festival on the Mall this Saturday from 10AM – 4PM. Go brush up your kite-flying skills and see if you can reenact the opening scene from The Kite Runner. You don’t need to find a small […]

Heyo, here is a cherry blossom-sanctioned event that may actually be worth attending. The Cherry Blast provides a reassuring alternative to all the outdoorsy wholesome family-friendly activities you try so hard to avoid. For $10, you can get into some random SE warehouse filled with pretty much every medium of art your little heart could […]

The Nats Park is a getting fancytime makeover in the form of new food vendors and an expansion of the restaurant there, Red Porch Restaurant. [DC Examiner]

Oh who is that handsome young skinny man taking cell-phone pictures of Washington’s beloved cherry blossoms? It is Adrian Brody, the famous actor, that’s who! Thanks to Wonkette Operative “TEEBS” for the picture.

Look, these pretty things are a-bloomin’ all over the Tidal Basin shores and whatnot. This was obviously taken yesterday, when the foul rain wasn’t pissing down upon the Nation’s Capital. But it should be kind of sunny tomorrow, so make sure you take a long three-hour lunch, enjoy the famous cherry blossoms given to us […]

Get ready, it’s Cherry Blossom time! Starting tomorrow all the out-of-towners you just had to accommodate, in January, will suddenly take an interest in visiting again. [DCist]