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Tag: charlotte allen

Charlotte Allen's worst nightmare

Lady Wingnut Has Had It Up To Here With You Being So Mean To Foot-The-Ball

Here in the Wonkette Los Angeles bureau, we have been enjoying – or rather, “enjoying” – the recent addition to our local paper of the ravings of Charlotte Allen, one of those wingnut writers who constantly complains that women...

National Review: Give Your Kids Boundaries, Like ‘No, You May Not Shoot Up A School’

Oh, everybody was sooooo outraged when Megan McArdle took to the pixels of the Daily Beast to suggest that since only banning all guns would be effective in stopping gun violence, and we can't ban all guns, we should...

Charlotte Allen’s Startling Insight: Lots Of Voters Are Idiots, So Sarah Palin 2016

Charlotte Allen, the Independent Women's Forum writer who's mostly known for a notorious 2008 column about how silly women just couldn't help voting for Barry Obama because women are just such dumbbunnies, has "a suggestion for cutting short...