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As much as what they are saying is idiotic, we can sort of understand why politicians that reside near the southern border of these here United States would like to weigh in and talk tough about porous borders and illeaglle children and brown hordes or whatever. But asking Michele Bachmann, a person who is quitting […]

Thanks to Snipy staying up late so we could post the results of the one election yesterday that everyone was following (Mississippi: the Old Guy won, the other asshole lost), we are left with tidying up the electoral crumbs from around our great nation. Of course, Chris McDaniel is still making grumpy whining noises about […]

New York Congressman Charlie Rangel loooves Barack Obama — puts him on mailers. Brags about that health care deedly-doo the two of them passed. Declares, proudly, that “Rangel’s got Obama’s back!” Now that he’s facing a primary challenge today, though, Rangel (D-Jurassic) is hurt — Obama, you see, just won’t endorse the guy for Congress. […]

The Federal Election Commission is investigating a complaint that Rep. Charles Rangel improperly used his National Leadership PAC to fund his legal defense on ethics charges for which he was censured Thursday, The Post has learned. THIS is how you double down. Charlie Rangel is fun. “In all fairness, I was not found guilty of […]

Remember when fragile Australian War Criminal Julian Assange allegedly raped two Swedish ladies? We confidently assumed these so-called ladies were actually just CIA drag queens causing mischief, but the Facts suggest otherwise: Julian Assange joyously finger-banged these two Swedes — and it was awesome and totally consensual — but Julian forgot to wear condoms on […]

The House is expected to vote today on extending tax cuts for the greediest 98 percent of Americans, “the middle-class” — the war merchants, sweatshop owners and oil barons who have gang-raped all six continents while simultaneously ruining any hope of a peaceful, simple existence for America’s persecuted minority, the struggling single mom billionaires. But […]

A House ethics panel found senior Democratic lawmaker Charles Rangel violated House ethics rules, on 11 of the 13 counts lodged against him. The New York congressman wasn’t in the hearing room when the announcement was made. Nooooooooo! The panel deadlocked 4-4 on a charge that by trying to raise money for a college center […]

Today marks the end of the terrible Primary Season, with seven states heading to the polls. Which primary will embarrass the Republican Establishment the most? In Delaware, normal Republican Congressman Mike Castle faces off with Teabagger lady Christine O’Donnell for a chance to sit in Joe Biden’s old, asbestos-stuffed Senate seat. Add the fact that […]

Charlie Rangel’s birthday party was very inconvenient for state Democratic politicians. On the one hand, he is an utter disgrace slowly being brought down, at long last, by ethics charges. On the other hand, there were free “heaping plates of roast beef, goat cheese and onion rings.” But Charlie Rangel resorted to pitifully desperate measures […]

Charlie Rangel delivered a rambling speech for more than 30 minutes on the House floor today, and it turns out he doesn’t like ethics violations, or being forced out because of them. “Somebody has to do more than wish I go away,” he said. Mostly, he just wants somebody to do something, because constantly denying […]

HARLEM GLOBETROTTERS  4:08 pm July 30, 2010

by Ken Layne

SO CHARLIE RANGEL CAN RUN FOR PRESIDENT NOW, AND HUNT MOOSLIMS AT GROUND ZERO? “The subcommittee that investigated Rep. Charles Rangel (D-N.Y.) has recommended that the embattled lawmaker face just a ‘reprimand,’ a mild form of punishment similar to that given to Rep. Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) when he was rebuked in 1997.” [Washington Post]

WCBS in New York City reported this afternoon that Rep. Charlie Rangel has cut a deal to avoid going to trial on various charges of ethics violations. So did he? Charlie Rangel doesn’t know. “I don’t know. I’ll tell you one thing, until someone tells me that there is, there isn’t,” he said. Yes, that […]

Wait, is Luke Russert still hanging around the Capitol dressed in his suit? Isn’t “bring your kids to work day” over? Well, Charlie Rangel is sick and tired of being harassed by our nation’s unemployed youth. That’s why Congressman Rangel wrote this great new law to scoop up all the shiftless young Americans and put […]

Despite the fact that, as the White House loudly and no doubt correctly insists, the WikiLeaks War Logs contained only information that everyone kind of knew already, it was pretty depressing information, all in a big pile! So now that the picture of the Afghan cauldron of death and carnage and betrayal is clear, with […]

Charlie Rangel is going on trial! Did you even know that Congress could put people on trial, for ethics violations? Well, they can, but they don’t usually, because most Congressfolk generally just say “Yeah, you caught me” and slink away in shame when the Ethics Committee points out their many moral failings. Not Charlie Rangel, […]