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Santorum: Contraception Is Evil Because This Racist Author Said So

During Wednesday night’s debate in some temporarily politically relevant zone of America, Rick Santorum defended his belief that contraception is dangerous and the cause, as opposed to the solution, to social problems like single motherhood and attendant issues e.g. poverty, but not zygotes, because they are not a problem but are excellent in every imaginable scenario. To bolster his claims, Mr. Rick invoked the thoughts and somehow not self-published words of Charles Murray, an author widely considered to be racist, or at the very, very least, severely blinkered, deranged and stuck in antebellum times. Murray is the author of a book called “The Bell Curve,” which apparently “argues that black people score lower on IQ tests because they are genetically inferior to whites.” Yes, truly shocking, Santorum’s interest in this “theory.” In that book, Murray and his co-author also conducted “research” “showing” that the average IQ of African Americans is 85, while the average IQ of whites is 103 and the average IQ of Hispanics is 89. Read more on Santorum: Contraception Is Evil Because This Racist Author Said So…