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Tag: Charles Boustany

Two great tastes that go great together...

Senate Sunday: Louisiana Won’t Be Electing David Duke To US Senate. Sorry Racist Scumbags!

Son of a gun, too many idiots run, on the Bayou.

Wonkette’s Favorite Half-Nutso Louisiana Cop Running For Congress, Hooray!

Wonkette is strangely in love with this tough-talking but oddly compassionate Louisiana cop. We're not sure he's really cut out to serve in Congress, but that's never stopped any candidate before.

Darrell Issa Calls Darrell Issa Reckless in IRS Probe

You know what's fun? Watching politicians be giant crybabies about an issue, only to turn around and be total hypocrites on that very same issue! Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Satan's Bunghole) is the latest to do so, this time on...

House GOP Earning Salary Today Worrying About Strip Clubs

Oh how thoughtful, House Republicans are bringing to the floor today a bill to close some kind of sexy-sounding "strip-club loophole" in what, campaign spending disclosure rules or something? No? NO. Oh right, it's a bill meant to stop...

This New Slob Will Save America From ObamaCare, Tomorrow

Some Charles Boustany news, everyone! Surely you know about Charles Boustany? He is a Republican congressman from Louisiana -- no, not the Vietnamese one -- who is also a Doctor, a Surgeon. And according to Beltway politics insider person...