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Tag: centcom

Rachel's doing her 'splainer gestures a lot tonight

Morning Maddow: It’s Anonymous Versus ‘ISIS’ In Battle Of The Nerds (Video)

Monday, somebody claiming to be affiliated with ISIS -- or at least friendly to them -- briefly took over social media accounts for the Pentagon's Central Command, and posted some stupid threatening-sounding stuff about jihad, as well as a...

A Shady Charity, Millions In Debt, And ‘Diplomatic Inviolability’: Tampa’s Good-Time Kelley Sisters Are Perfect Republicans

It's completely not fair that we in the media have now turned our considerable interest on the Kelley sistren. All they did was either get some shitty emails from a presumed nutzoid Internet stalker, or be related to someone...

Each American Spy Worth 2.5 Russian Spies — USA! USA!

Everyone who misses the Cold War, with its moral simplicity and its ever-present threat of complete nuclear annihilation, is over the moon this morning as America and the Russians kicked it old school and swapped spies! America gave...