Attention, Wonkerinos! We have an important message — five, actually — from a reader who was miffed that today’s Wonket did not give Alex Jones and his merry band of truthseekers their due. “Groovychickedy” just wants to set the record straight for us: One cannot simply brush Alex Jones under the carpet anymore. Alternative media […]

Did you do high school journalism way back in the day when you had to do layout with a knife and the hot glue roller thing, or was that just us? SHUT UP WE ARE NOT THAT OLD. High school journalism has gotten downright good looking in the Internet era and apparently also got hard-hitting, […]

Do you know Reddit? It is this thing. It is a glorious place of Internet freedom where users (“Redditors”) post stories they have found from other places, and then other users (“Redditors”) vote up and down on whether it is “hot” or “not.” In that regard, it is much like our own Wonkville, where we […]

It’s the American Library Association’s Banned Books Week again, that time of year when we celebrate literacy’s fight against the censorious prigs who make it their business to make sure that children and even adults are protected from BAD BOOKS. Not badly-written books, of course — those are doing just fine. Many of the books […]

The few times we ever gave former Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels much thought, he always seemed like a Scott Walker wannabe who was trying to prove that he too could destroy public employee unions and pass “right to work” and just generally be terrible. The biggest difference between them seemed to be that Scott Walker never lost […]

Nothing says “good judgment” like when a celebrity starts a conversation about Marxism on a Twitter feed! This is what skateboard rapper Lupe Fiasco found out last night, as he tried to have an in-depth discussion — 140 characters at a time — about the means of production, the theoretical value of labor, and the […]

Sorry, kids, but Pixar’s newest release, Hating Breitbart, will be rated R, so you will have to either sneak in with fake IDs or wait for it to appear on Encore in, oh, three months. The Daily Caller smells a conspiracy! Producers of the biographical documentary “Hating Breitbart” got news last week that their film received […]

Colorado GOP Representative Doug Lamborn, the nefarious numbskull briefly mocked in the national news last year for managing to slip the words “tar baby” into a whine about the black president, would not care to apologize to an award-winning coal-mining activist whose attempt to testify to the House Natural Resources Committee about the pollution caused […]

Last night, when I was swatting at a mosquito, I thought to myself, “I should probably run to the hardware store to get a blowtorch, because that would be the best and most efficient way to kill this here mosquito, and also while I’m at it, I might be able to use it to fix […]

Here’s a little good news to cheer up your Wednesday: Today’s anti-censorship protest across the Internet has already forced Republican senators Marco Rubio and John Cornyn to drop their support of the SOPA bill. Already! Rubio and Cornyn weren’t just supporters, though — Rubio co-sponsored the legislation that would allow the U.S. government to shut […]

Do you know what’s happening, all over the Internet? Sites such as this one, your Wonkette, are taking part in a massive protest action against the SOPA/Protect IP bills, one of which is probably going to become The Law unless a whole lot of us raise hell today. Click the blacked-out “STOP CENSORSHIP” link at […]

Hey, everyone still remember the Stop Online Piracy Act that the cranky old farts over at famous Washington senior center Congress have been feverishly gluing together during craft time, to try to make all that noise from “the tubes” go away? More and more people really, really hate the bill! This is not surprising, because […]

Because Apple designs computing devices that aren’t as hideous and abysmal as other computing devices on the market, people who possess aesthetic values (liberals) have long loved the company and its products. But Apple is still a multinational corporation, one of the world’s biggest, and it is certainly evil in terms of its slave-labor work […]

Does this widget thing work? If not, click here! Do it now! (Or in the morning.) This is a part of an effort of a coalition of sites and groups all over the internet. And the chorus of opposition is growing every day — the NYTimes, LATimes, and even Microsoft have come out against SOPA […]

You know how the politicians are always saying we need to be competitive with China? Well, we are about to get super competitive when it comes to internal censorship of the global Internet. Everybody except for a handful of malcontent “privacy activists” is behind the bold new plan to make all Internet service providers in […]