An odd thing happened yesterday, once all the olds woke up at 5 a.m. and saw the clip of President Barack Obama slow-jamming the news with Jimmy Fallon on their computers, instead of on the television as God and NBC intended. Democrats found it delightful and funny, and Republicans didn’t! That’s so weird, you guys! […]

Roger Simon is paid a six-figure salary to be right about politics, so expect him to resign November 7, 2012 if this prognostication of his does not happen: Republicans are so worthless they may not even field a candidate for the first presidential election since 1852, and next year’s contest will be a showdown between […]

Famous Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is already in prison, but now he’s in trouble with the feds for basically embezzling a bunch of money to pay for yoga lessons and summer camp or whatever. [TPM Muckraker] A terrorist journalist tried to go GOTCHA on BP, until a brave rent-a-cop stopped him because of his terrorism. […]

After a brief stint as arm candy for America’s most exciting celebrity veep candidate, John McCain went back to being sad old WALNUTS! yesterday when he had to attend a public event all by himself. Of course it went disastrously, because nobody likes John McCain — not even his supporters! Ugh, how embarrassing.

Here’s John McCain’s latest idiot web ad attacking Barack Obama for being awesome and pretty much the most likable guy on earth. The only reason McCain is issuing this ad, of course, is so liberal bloggers can complain about the racial overtones inherent in white girls talking about getting “weak in the knees” over Obama. […]

This ad about John McCain’s 26 years servicing Washington has funny olde-tyme flapper music and lots of clips of John McCain debasing himself by hugging people and going on the Jay Leno show. The most shocking part is the outtakes from his sex tape with Paris Hilton: he is not known as the “White Tornado” […]

While everybody else was laughing at that ridiculous Paris Hilton/Obama ad the McCain people released yesterday, at least two very wealthy Republican donors were furious: William Barron Hilton and Rick Hilton, Paris’ grandfather and father.

MOVING PICTURES  12:53 pm July 31, 2008

by Ken Layne

BUT WHAT (100-YEAR-OLD DEAD) CELEBRITY IS McCAIN? Choose from several deceased people or psychotic 1940s cartoon characters with speech impediments! [Political Machine]

DEMOCRATS  10:55 am May 1, 2008

by Ken Layne