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Jared Kushner: Oh, THAT Russian Money? I Didn’t Know You Meant THAT Russian Money!

We don't know how to tell you this, but it's possible Jared Kushner forgot another Russian connection.

Donald Trump’s Lawyers Wrote A Letter About All His Russian Money, And It Is ADORABLE

How were we so foolish as to think Trump has weird Russian financial ties? DERP.

Trump Goon Paul Manafort Made $10 MILLION A YEAR To ‘Benefit Putin.’ Totally Normal!

Oh hey any new shady Paul Manafort news ... WHAT????
There's no place like Napa

Next Governor Of Illinois Could Bail Out EU With His Wine Collection

Republican gazillionaire Bruce Rauner is richer than you. And you. And you. And all of us put together. He counts his millions by the hundreds. And he'd like to be the next governor of Illinois -- which, given that...

Guess Who Is the Keynote Speaker at the Cayman Islands Alternative Investment Summit (Hint: It Is George W. Bush)

How NICE that Dubya can take some time off to get away from whatever the hell it is he does these days to address a bunch of Job Creators in a quiet room in the Cayman Islands. What is...

Romney Campaign Throws Fancy Party on Cayman Island Yacht

"Romney Party Yacht Flies Cayman Islands Flag," reads the headline! Now that your idiot Wonkette blogger has wasted the last 90 minutes trying to determine with other Twitter people if it's a Cayman or Bermuda flag -- it's a...

Mitt Romney: Legislation Is For Letting Me Hide My Tax Returns, Not For Giving You Health Care

Casually loathed industrialist Mitt Romney and his wife Ann, a stay-at-home mother of five middle-aged men, recently allowed the soothing but cunning Diane Sawyer unfettered access to the Romney home, raw and uncut, so that Mitt could remind the...

Romney Hoping SOTU Will Cancel Out Release Of His Tax Returns

The rather thorough thumping Mitt Romney got in the South Carolina primary Saturday finally convinced our ever petulant office seeker to release his latest tax returns for the consumption of a barbarous public. After getting his spot blown up...