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If you are a DC politician, you are duty-bound to spend as much of the summer outside the city as possible. If you’re stuck in the swamp, you can at least take advantage of the hollowed-out Capitol and switch up your normal routine. Take a zealously investigated page from Republican Congressman Darrell Issa! In a […]

Earlier this year, the Supreme Court agreed to hear a case about whether Ohio’s False Statement law, which prohibits making false statements about a candidate, is unconstitutional. This has, regrettably, meant that the Cato Institute has weighed in with a brief that they are sure is super-funny and we are sure is non-hilarious dreck. First, […]

OK, so shutting down the government didn’t work, and the House repealing it umpty-eleven times didn’t work, and the website does work, but maybe it’s not too late for states to save their citizens from the horror of having health insurance. They could maybe try the genius plan introduced in the Missouri Senate by state […]

Our oopsie of the day comes to us courtesy of Nick Baumann at Mother Jones, who brings us this story of an FBI agent who thought it would be a good idea to submit a copy of a secret interrogation manual to the U.S. Copyright Office — which means it ended up in the Library […]

At first Yr Wonkette was going to leave this whole “Rand Paul plagiarism” thing reasonably alone, at least when it was just his speechwriters cribbing movie summaries from Wikipedia. It’s the sort of dumb frat-boy-writing-a-research-paper kind of idiocy that probably goes on all the time, albeit less clumsily. Good for a one-off post on a […]

Remember a few months ago when hilariously titled fake ripoffs of bestsellers were all over Amazon’s e-book store — 35 Shades of Grey, or I am the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, that sort of thing? The playful jokesters of the Cato Institute are using their Koch Industries Megabux to top that! They will soon […]

Here’s a fun fact to start out your day: PJ O’Rourke is “America’s leading political satirist.” It must be true because it says so on the website of the Cato Institute, where P.J O’Rourke is the H.L. Mencken Research fellow. The heading for PJ O’Rourke’s page at the Cato Institute says “Individual liberty, free markets, […]

The Koch Brothers’ attempted “hostile takover” of fancy glass-brick-and-steel libertarian think tank the Cato Institute — which Chuck and Dave Koch already control 50% of but are now suing a widow for her dead husband’s stake so as to then rule the world! — has prompted some very public outcries and gossip nuggets (yay!) from […]

Weeks before his nomination to the Supreme Court by Richard Nixon, corporate tobacco lawyer and right-wing business extremist Lewis F. Powell took a break from golf and his boardroom duties at 11 of America’s biggest corporations to write a manifesto against the then-vibrant American left. His detailed plan, delivered in the form of a memo […]

Cato Institute Vice President Gene Healy writes in the Washington Examiner today that the U.S. needs a fat president. Finally someone says what we’ve all been thinking. This oil spill mess and wars on Islam could all be solved if we just had a president that didn’t mind slurping up the oil or eating the […]

Monday, April 12 — 5:30 PM: AEI finds its inner Jewish mother for its event about guilt and how its “moral and metaphysical bases” is ruining our ability to understand what is happening in the world. Well, whatever. [AEI]

Monday, December 7: A never before seen event: a Democrat will say mean things about Republicans, today, in real life. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer will explain why he thinks Conservatives are to blame for every single problem in America. [Center for American Progress Action Fund]