casual encounters

The diversity of America inevitably means that each region or city responds to tragic events in unique ways. In New York after 9/11, the Yankees and Mets introduced “God Bless America” to the seventh inning stretch. New Orleans residents integrated their feelings of abandonment and despair regarding the government’s response to Katrina into satirical floats […]

Like every year at CPAC time, the “no strings attached” sex Internet is busy busy busy with self-hating closeted homosexual Republican men who like to take a break from cheering on homophobic bible clods by going back to the hotel with a discreet dude who wants to give/receive some oral, “maybe more with the right […]

If you’ve got a spare ticket to Obama’s Election Night Party in Chicago, you are going to get more ass than a toilet seat. Possibly attractive people are offering full access to all their various orifices to any creep with the special currency of Tuesday Night at Grant Park. Join us for a lecherous tour […]

CRAIGSLIST  12:52 pm November 29, 2006

Heritage Foundation Nerds Are HAWT!

by Ken Layne

CRAIGSLIST  3:17 pm February 3, 2006

Be Brave, DC. Be Brave

by Alex Pareene