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Craigslist Casual Encounters Section Admirably Fills Aching Void In Boston’s Souls/Holes

The diversity of America inevitably means that each region or city responds to tragic events in unique ways. In New York after 9/11, the Yankees and Mets introduced “God Bless America” to the seventh inning stretch. New Orleans residents...

CPAC Once Again Full of Self-Hating Gay Men Hunting For Gay Sex

Like every year at CPAC time, the "no strings attached" sex Internet is busy busy busy with self-hating closeted homosexual Republican men who like to take a break from cheering on homophobic bible clods by going back to the...

Everybody With Spare Obama Tickets Is Getting So Laid

If you've got a spare ticket to Obama's Election Night Party in Chicago, you are going to get more ass than a toilet seat. Possibly attractive people are offering full access to all their various orifices to any creep...

Metro Section: Just The Blades, Please

Metro Section: Casual Encounters

Heritage Foundation Nerds Are HAWT!

Be Brave, DC. Be Brave