castle doctrine

Welcome friends, to the show that never ends: the insane rage of gun fondlers and their eternal hard-ons for the weaponry they must own and the anger bubble they live in as the eternal price of making sure no one ever, ever, ever, not ever even winks at a whisper of a hint that someone, […]

The law is a grand thing, a collection of not merely statutes, but also precedents from previous cases, and when a legal innovation comes along, sometimes there have to be a few test cases to determine the boundaries of that new law. Do Nazis have the right to march in Skokie? (yes) Can ‘intelligent design’ […]

Hiram Lewis, a lawyer and a failed servant of the American people (he lost the 2006 West Virginia Senate race to Robert Byrd, and also lost two Attorney General elections), has been arrested for shooting a guy who apparently “intruded” upon him in his home. West Virginia has that lovely Castle Doctrine in effect, so […]

So here is what we are having a hard time wrapping our puny girly brains around: we remember, due to oldness, when the NRA lobbied to keep Kevlar-piercing bullets legal (for those Kevlar-vested deer), but when did Ted Nugent and pals come to so wholly outrank sensible Establishment Republicans as to get cop-killing legalized? Was […]

Scott Walker, alleged man, has been having a great couple of weeks, to the delight of possibly Ted Nugent and we are not sure who else but they are out there somewhere. Walker attended the NRA camo/assassination party last week and now gracefully steps in it by declaring not only his love of Ted Nugent, […]