Oh here is a cheery “hump day” cartoon for your New Depression, courtesy of Jeff Danziger. [DANZIGER CARTOONS]

Oh look, it’s America, the nation of 11-year-old fat kids who lack the intellectual capacity to process anything beyond comic books. Have you heard about the greatest work of cinematic art in history, 300 Explosions With Batman and Joker? It’s the most “mature” of this year’s crop of 500 fucking movies about comic books, according […]

GAY AGENDA  4:07 pm July 21, 2008

by Ken Layne

OKLAHOMA DEVIL-HOMOSEXUAL COMIC GUY ON CNN: Hilarious accused felon & Oklahoma county commissioner Brett Rinehart tells the teevee news, “I’m not even sure as to what ‘homophobic’ means, but let’s just keep in mind that we are in a cultural war.” [CNN/Raw Story]

By the Comics Curmudgeon“Why can’t you draw something nice for a change?” This, I imagine, is probably what hard-working political cartoonists hear from their parents all the time, as their chosen profession requires that they use their talent exclusively for drawing political figures, who are both evil and physically unattractive, rather than depicting, say, handsome […]

COMIX  4:27 pm June 18, 2008

by Ken Layne

THE BEST TEDDY ROOSEVELT CARTOON YOU’LL READ TODAY: Katie Beaton might be our favorite web cartoonist since Chris Onstad. This one’s called “Theodore Roosevelt on the Presidency.” You might also enjoy this one, about the assassination of President James Garfield. The history sections are all awesome, the end. []

HILLARY CLINTON  5:10 pm April 8, 2008

Mark Penn Is Repulsive

by Ken Layne