Cartoonist Lalo Alcaraz, who does both political cartoons and the LA Cucaracha comic strip, has incurred the wrath of Xavier Hermosillo, the Public Relations schmuck for the City of Murrieta, who knows that the Constitution protects free speech, but not for people who say mean things. You see, Alcaraz has been tweeting with the hashtag […]

It’s awfully nice of Fox News to take a break from bashing the socialist tyranny of Michelle Obama’s insistence that children try eating the occasional carrot and getting some exercise, so that Fox News can worry that a petition urging Disney to create a plus-sized princess will encourage girls to become obese and get diabetes. […]

The Progressive Era presents a tricky challenge for our rightwing Christian U.S. History textbooks. On the one hand, they are firmly in the pro-capitalism cheering section; on the other hand, they can’t entirely deny that by the turn of the 20th Century, there was a lot about the free market that wasn’t working so great. […]

Welcome back, time-tourists, for another visit to the strange world of the past as viewed through a couple of textbooks for the Christian school market. You might recall that last week, we were genuinely impressed to see that some actual history somehow sneaked into our 11th/12th-grade text, United States History for Christian Schools (Bob Jones […]

Hey, kids! Do you like learning history but hate it that your teacher never tells you the story of the time Ronald Reagan and Jesus Christ teamed up to defeat the Nazis? Of course you do. America’s Original Fat Governor Mike Huckabee is here with a series of horribly animated cartoons featuring his team of […]

Leading fake presidential candidate Donald Trump, who is best known for his work in television in the role of “Montana Max” on Steven Spielberg’s animated series Tiny Toon Adventures, notified CNN he’s still keeping a team of sexy investigators on the sexy beaches of Hawaii to track down President Obama’s sexy past. “At a certain […]

If the Constitution had been changed, this man could be a Republican frontrunner for the presidential nomination right now. Instead, we just have a few boring small time governors in the race, and he’s making cartoons about hiding teens in some high-tech sex dungeon in his house. Also, haha, Larry King has a job. And […]

This is the story that finally almost broke the computers at Next Media Animation, because these Chinese animators have an incredibly hard time making fat people — everyone in the NMA animated video world looks like a 15-year-old skinny kid, even teabaggers. And instead of a worn-out makeup-crusted jowly grandma in a real-estate wig, the […]

Here is a great work of American art: A billboard from Grand Junction, Colorado, featuring some sort of editorial cartoon inviting voters to “Vote DemocRAT” and hang out with this booth full of offensive Obama caricatures. That actually sounds like it would be rather interesting! This thing was sent in an e-mail to the National […]

Here is a thought experiment that requires a number of unlikely assumptions. What if Tea Party people had any artistic abilities, instead of being perhaps the most artistically challenged people in History? What if lots of Americans still got a Sunday newspaper and enjoyed a collection of witty, well-drawn comics such as Peanuts and Calvin […]

Have you heard about this nut lady? She’s not even religious, or Muslim, or whatever. She is just a nut who finally found a purpose/job, on the Internet. Well everybody needs a Mission, right?

SOMEBODY'S ANGRY AGAIN  12:49 pm February 16, 2010

by Ken Layne

OBVIOUS THING HAPPENS: Two things we don’t like, The Family Guy and Sarah Palin, met in the most expected way over the weekend, with the full-time Facebook Anger Bear getting all fake-outraged over the unfunny Fox cartoon’s actually doing that thing she always fake-acuses the entire world of doing: mocking Palin’s retarded child. Why does […]

THE GAYS SURE DO LOVE TO PRANCE ABOUT!  3:05 pm February 18, 2009

by Ken Layne

SO MANY MINCING GAYS! That dead-chimp=Obama cartoon is just one part of a rich tapestry of shitty racist/homophobic/just-plain-weird Sean Delonas’ cartoons in the New York Post. [Gawker]

Yes, yes, the angry white bitters are pretty racist, surprise, and this impotent minority is just going to fume in the ugliest possible way for the next eight/twelve years, and it gets dull being outraged by the same dumb trash, but this cartoon was not scrawled on the back of a Cheetos box and submitted […]

Dolly’s sadistic parents have dressed her as America’s most-hated angry dingbat, so the neighbors will feed her poison. (Thanks Josh!)