caption contest

And Dok wins!!!! OK, actually, no, but we decided that with only 5 entries to our Great Big Rick Perry Photoshop Contest, it wouldn’t hurt to pad things a bit. What happened, guys? We usually get tons of weirdly wonderful entries, but it’s almost as if you couldn’t bear to have Rick Perry’s sour face […]

Here’s Sean Hannity posing next to a machine gun on a Border Patrol boat on the Big River Rio Grande in Texas, or May-hee-co, or perhaps hundreds of miles up a river that snakes through the immigration war like a main circuit cable. But here he is, on the boat. “Never get out of the […]

Congratulations, Wonkers! We have decided that you are not quite so terrible at caption contests anymore! Don’t get a big head or anything, though. But you really came through on this fine photograph of three nerds taking what the kids these days call a selife! And after the jump, our winner! (Such suspense!)

Put on your thinking caps and caption this photo from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) Facebook page — they’re promoting a petition calling on Republicans to stop denying climate change; but we’re just in it for the yuks. Maybe you will find inspiration in the Facebook comments, which are mostly idiots explaining that global […]

Thanks to the wonders of modern digital recording technology, we have this “Vine” thing from “Now This Politics,” showing Old Handsome Joe Biden being his usual awesome self during the State of the Union Address. Your assignment, O Wonkaderos, is to make up a funny caption for it and post it in the comments by […]

Your compatriot Limey Lizzie sends in this photo from the wilds of Holly Woode. She likes the lockbox — for firearms? — while we are partial to the sticker that says simply and elegantly “So Is Your Face.” Caption it, for a chance to have a new post in which to loiter in the comments!

So here is what is purportedly an undoctored photo of televangelist Paul “No, My Wife Jan is a Different Person From Tammy Faye Bakker” Crouch of Trinity Broadcast Network, giving the finger for some reason to his camera crew while he is on camera in Jerusalem. Or at least, that is what reliable reporter Gustavo […]