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Oh Mittens. Why couldn’t you just get fat and sassy and grow a beard like other presidential losers, huh? Oh that’s right – because staying out of the public eye and not griping about being a sore loserman takes class, and perhaps that program hasn’t been uploaded yet. Instead, you are still rehashing things that […]

You know what’s fun? Watching politicians be giant crybabies about an issue, only to turn around and be total hypocrites on that very same issue! Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Satan’s Bunghole) is the latest to do so, this time on the issue of transparency. Remember when Rep. Issa  went on the teevee to talk to CNN’s […]

Whine whine whine bitch bitch bitch it is Fox Nation, and they are never going to get over the SHOCKING MALFEASANCE that was Candy Crowley’s LIEBRUL LYING LIES in the presidential debate — you remember the one? Please proceed, Governor? — and the gnashing of the teeth and the tearing of the hair and the […]

Follow along, libtards, as some guy on the internet blows your whole world up. Last week’s town hall debate was notable for many things – Romney trying to bumrush Obama like eighteen times, Obama not falling asleep five minutes in, and Candy Crowley sort of correcting Mitt Romney by shooting him right in his stupid […]

There has been, perhaps, no transgression in American debate history worse than when, in the middle of Tuesday’s townhall debate, Candy Crowley swung from the rafters and literally probably shot Mitt Romney in the back of the head by correcting him, according to Tucker Carlson.

Last night, human dishonesty machine Mitt Romney lied about Barack Obama not calling the attack on the Benghazi consulate an “act of terror” for fourteen days. Candy Crowley (or CanCrow, as the kids call her) corrected Mitt, because he was gloriously, spectacularly wrong. ROMNEY: I want to make sure we get that for the record […]

There’s a conspiracy afoot, kid detectives! After the debate, the networks posted “transcripts” of the debate. “What’s a transcript?” your dumb friend might ask. Well, a transcript is when someone writes down everything people said and then you cite from it on the internet! Well, Fox News “transcribed” the debate last night, but there was […]

Hello, nerds! Rebecca and I are ready and set to get up in this debate shit, on the real. Tonight is the most important night of Barack Obama’s life, in that he should just straight slam Five Hour Energy and then leap around onstage like he will seriously Seal Team Six the fuck out of […]

Even after all these years, sometimes the Internet just baffles us. From the Twitter page of bsfarrington, here is a painting of Jeb Bush with a Blackberry and four uncanny Candy Crowley elves:

John King! He is that CNN guy who hosts that thing, and he’s married to whatsername! And now he is departing that thing to host some other thing, leaving behind a bleeding wound in the heart of CNN’s Sunday morning programming. Naturally, this is all the fault of the orange-headed former Mexican-hating space entrepreneur, Lou […]

Those of you who were watching your inaugural festivities on the CNN this past week may have wondered from what mile-high fancy pillared balcony America’s Best Political News Organization Teevee Team was reporting. Was it the actual Mount Olympus, leased out by Obama? No, worse: it was from high atop the Canadian Embassy! They were […]

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by Jim Newell

WAIT, WHAT?: The Washington Post‘s masterful Chris Cillizza: “A huge crowd today could be a mixed blessing for Obama. On the one hand, it is a potent symbol of the excitement his candidacy has caused worldwide. On the other, thousands and thousands of cheering Germans may not play well stateside. Does a big crowd work […]

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Wonk’d: The Hot Mess

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