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Clinton Ad Highlights How Trump’s Words Make Girls Feel Like Garbage

Probably the scariest thing, to me, about the idea of a Trump presidency is that we as a country will be rewarding and validating the behavior of middle school bullies across the land. The lesson we try to teach...

Nazis, Guys Who Want To Murder Coeds, And Trump Junior All Love This One Weird Meme!

Pepe isn't the only gross meme Trump supporters have adopted for themselves.
Screw you too, pal

In Which Rudy Giuliani Lies And Lies And Lies About Donald Trump’s Birther Sh*t

He insists Trump has totally believed Obama is a Real American for years now.

Paul Ryan So Sad Hillary Clinton Was Mean To That Nice Trump Boy

Paul Ryan is quite dismayed at the tone this election has taken, with all the insults and and bullying and name-calling and meanness coming... from the Clinton campaign. And he thinks Donald Trump deserves an apology! Early on Thursday, in...

Trouble In Paradise? Ann Coulter And Donald Trump’s Torrid Love Affair Hits Skids

It was just last year that Ann Coulter finally met her man. A seething rage demon not unlike herself, who promised her flowers and candy and trips to Paris and a massive deportation force breaking down the door of...

How Many Blue States Is Donald Trump Imaginary Winning In This Week? So Many!

Hey Trumpkins! Are you sick of winning YET? Because my god, Trump is just winning so hard, all over the place these days, and you've got to have some serious winning fatigue by now! As we learned Tuesday, Trump...

Donald Trump Thanks America For Liking Hillary Clinton Better Than Him

Trump very excitedly tweeted a poll that shows him losing to Hillary. Is he just plain delusional now? (Yes.)

Surprise! Donald Trump Was A Horrible Garbage Monster To Marla Maples! Who Would Have Thunk It?

Was it to keep her quiet about how he murdered Vince Foster? We are just asking questions here.

Trump Brings Back 1993 Vince Foster Suicide Conspiracies, Toe Rings Not Far Behind

Donald Trump refers to Vince Foster's suicide as 'very fishy' in Washington Post interview. You know WHAT ELSE is very fishy?

Trump And Gingrich Totally Understand Women, Just Like Beloved Monarch Henry VIII

No one understood women like Henry VIII, that is for sure. Except maybe Ted Bundy!

Is Lindsey Graham Falling For Donald Trump In Spite Of Himself?

Lindsey Graham is now reportedly asking Republican donors to get behind Trump.

Donald Trump Very Sad You Nasty People Keep Using His Words To Misquote Him

Another day, another way the world is being 'very nasty' to poor ol' Donald Trump!

The Only Thing Donald Trump Will Recycle Is This Hilarious Bit About Newfangled Hairspray

If what's good for the environment is bad for Donald Trump's hair, then those regulations are just not worth the risk.

Sarah Palin Invites ‘Smart Democrats’ To Partake Of Her World-Famous Word Salad! (And Trump)

Sarah Palin invites us all to unite behind true 'revolutionary' Donald Trump.