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Tag: campaign

Here Is Your Latest Obama Speech, For You To Fap To

After the week we've had, go ahead and treat yourself. Stripping starts at about 4:30. Then it gets even better. Tell us again, Barack, about the great things in the Affordable Care Act. Again. Again!

John McCain Is Everywhere At The Same Time On Monday

The RNC bought John McCain a $150,000 traveling machine that will warp the time-space continuum and create wee worm holes for the action hero to use in his quest to visit all 50 states simultaneously on Monday. His schedule...

Obama Has A Massive Staff, Wokka Wokka

Barack Obama's campaign has more employees than a small nation and a larger budget than France. If you took every Obama staffer and laid them end to end, they would wrap around the earth and blot out the sun....

Barack Obama On The Daily Show

Mrs. Clinton And Mr. Obama, Making Out On Video!

Sure, Hillary Clinton always refuses to discuss hypotheticals. But what if, hypothetically speaking, she were to kiss Barack Obama in the French style onstage during a debate, in front of Wolf Blitzer and millions of television viewers? Would that...