camille paglia

Sometimes we worry that we’re turning into old weird Camille Paglia. “YOU ARE CRIMINALIZING THE MALE ESSENCE!!!!1!” we shriek when girls go, “he whistled at me, I am malegazeraped, waah.” So it is good to know we are not turning into Camille Paglia, since she is now sexplaining why sex ed should be more prude. What […]

Hey-ho, wonkadoodlers! Time for another trip to the comments queue to see what brilliance we have received from would-be commenters. Our first note today comes from “JustPJs,” who apparently is very relaxed in personal attire but not in vigilance when it comes to LIBERTY. JustPJs was very displeased by our little New Year’s Eve piece […]

We sure got an outpouring of comments on that piece Kaili wrote about George Bush, the hipster doofus artist whose secret name turned out to be Cosmo. The piece generated a surprising number of comments from new accounts — must have hit a wingnut site somewhere. The news that Dubya was a hipster icon was […]

You are probably tired of reading about Duck Dynasty! We are tired of writing about Duck Dynasty. But just as we were about to take a long, refreshing, Duck-Dynasty-free break, maybe with a bubble bath and a Mai Tai, along comes Camille Paglia to share her thoughts on the matter and now we have to […]

Let’s be honest, women. You have a TON of choices, a veritable smorgasbord, of women writers who will make you feel bad about who you are. Whether it is  Suzanne Venker concern trolling the ladies and telling them that if they just weren’t so angry all the time, the mens would marry them or K-Lo […]