By now you probably know the sad, awful story of Jahi McMath, the Oakland, California 13-year-old who suffered complications after a complex tonsillectomy, leaving her brain-dead. Her family, however, refuses to accept that “no blood flow to the brain” and “no electrical activity in the brain or brain stem” are the same as “really, actually […]

For San Diego’s Karen Grube, watching the Rose Parade on New Year’s Day “used to be a family thing,” but “it no longer is,” and it’s because of the gays. That’s right–there are going to be gays in the 2014 Rose Parade, an annual pageant of crazy costumes, confetti, glitter, dancing, and ostentatious vehicles. And the […]

Here’s some industrial-strength Nice Time, courtesy of our old friend Evan Hurst (Wonkette misses you, Evan!) at TruthWinsOut: That photo up there is the home of Dr. Mary Pham of Irvine, California, who started flying a rainbow flag over her home last spring when all her neighbors were putting up flags for sports teams and […]

Our satirical pals at the National Report, whose idea of satire is to write up fake news stories that contain few hints as to their fakeness — because satire does not have to be “funny” — have achieved another epic bit of trolling. About a week ago, they ran a fictitious story about a 9-year-old […]

In Fullerton, California, a forensic pathologist testified that a homeless man didn’t die from being beaten and tasered in 2011. Nah, that was just what was going on at the time when his heart happened to fail because he was a meth addict: Dr. Steven Karch, the final witness for two former city police officers […]

Never mind that he’s six years older than Ronald Reagan was when he was sworn in; Jerry Brown has some enthusiastic support for a presidential run. And, in the language of political vagueness, he hasn’t absolutely ruled out the possibility of running, although spokesman Jim Evans quoted a May answer that Brown gave to a […]

Hey, this is a funny trick! Crooks and Liars lets us know that Republican members of the California Assembly have been sending out informational mailers (PDF link) directing people to a website that will answer all their questions about the new healthcare law. Isn’t that nice of them? The mailer directs them to, which […]

Dear god, this Obamacare thing has gotten completely out of control! Noel Sheppard at rightwing freakout machine Newsbusters has discovered a shocking, horrible thing: The Affordable Care Act will even sell insurance to bad people! In reaction to a CNN Money story about a San Francisco sex worker who organized an effort to get people […]

Hey-ho, Wonkerinos and Wonkerinas! Here we are at the day before Halloween, and as usual, some people are just cold insisting on celebrating the coming holiday by hanging bats in their belfries. Let’s have a look: Father Peter Carota is very worried about all this evil Halloweening that otherwise-decent people allow their children to participate […]

We are starting to think that maybe school safety demonstrations are not healthy for children, especially this “Red Ribbon Week” thing that’s supposed to scare them away from drugs. In California and Indiana, some exceptionally well-thought-out combinations of law enforcement and little kids didn’t go so great. On the upside, the kids at those schools […]

The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,The Daily Show on Facebook Looks like the lamestream media is on another witch hunt for decent non-racist politicians. It’s so sad how all this Political Correctness is oppressing people and keeping them from speaking freely, just because some people don’t like the stuff that comes out […]

You have to admire the creative thinking of Texas candidate for Lieutenant Governor Jerry Patterson. He doesn’t want Texas to secede from the United States; that’d be dumb. He loves Real America. Instead, how about we get rid of the states what Hate America? “I get lots of questions all the time, ‘Well, we should secede.’ I […]

Serial creepmeister and former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner pleaded guilty yesterday to a single count of felony false imprisonment and two counts of misdemeanor battery. Under the plea deal, he will not go to jail, but will be prevented from ever holding public office again. The Democrat (and former Congressman) resigned in August following […]

Immigrant and serial crimer Rep. Gary Miller of San Berdoo went Hollywood on some dumb asshole paparazzi who was all gettin’ up in his grill and asking him hurtful invasive personal questions like “Congressman, would you be willing to vote on a clean CR?” So, as any red-blooded American movie star would do, he shoved […]

In a fortuitous conjunction of publicity whores, Get Shot!, a California band billing itself as “the sleaziest punk band in the world,” has shot a two-minute video of its bass player lying on a blanket and masturbating on the lawn of the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas — the “God Hates Fags/America/Puppies” loonies. Internet […]