Sad lumpen unemployed bitter former radio talker, inveterate gossip, bridge burner, and total future Wonkette editorial trainee John Ziegler has a scoop that can no longer be confirmed by his alleged source, late American blogger Andrew Breitbart, and boy is it a doozy! According to Ziegler, Drudge was in man-love with Barack Obama and kept […]

Your editor must type this quickly before your other editor (Newell!) wakes briefly from his stupor and rushes to post this himself: Mickey Kaus somehow killed enough people (this is why he never drinks at parties) to get an actual (?) e-mail chain of banal nonsense from this Leftist Kabal “JournoList” email forwarding thing. And […]

Yesterday the Politico — and fine, here is your precious LINK, Calderone! — revealed to the world the Secret Leftist Cabal Chatroom where policy experts talk to bloggers off-the-record and tell them what to write on their blogs. Its Master is young communist health care blogger Ezra Klein, who decided to bring these people together […]