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Business Insider has breaking news: Americans believe crazy shit about science. Just think of the 18% of  people who believe The Flintstones was loosely based on a true story. The National Science Foundation must have wept when they realized their funding was regulated by people who couldn’t a pass sixth grade science class. This new […]

So there has been a much-needed spate of thinkpieces of late about why there are so few women in tech. Consensus: because tech dudes are often sexist bags of brogrammer skin and maybe kinda ladies don’t want to hang out/be bossed around by those dudes. Smart take! (Is this about all dudes in tech? No. […]

How wonderful, the last time we checked in with Business Insider they were running articles on how you are not a winner if you want to see your wife and kids every so often, but now they are run by a bona fide Commie! Yes! A Commie! The Commie, one Henry Blodget, is complaining about late capitalism […]

Nothing says “winning” like abandoning your loved ones to make money for your corporate overlords, amiright guys? I mean, is the guy in the $6,000 suit going to have a “work-life balance”? COME ON. He is not, because he is a WINNER, because as Business Insider kindly explains at us, work-life balance is for LOSERS (or […]

Hey-O, who has two thumbs and isn’t as stupid as you might have been led to believe? Oh, just 62% of Americans and 35% of Republicans, who think that the Republican party has become “too extreme.” For the record, we at Wonkette think that this is SILLY. Why on Earth would anyone find this “too […]

We come bearing devastating news. Actually two pieces of news, one devastating and one not-as-devastating. The first piece of news is that the Golden Era is over. As in, the price of gold cannot be expected to continue rising as it has been. Does this mean that we will stop being inundated with commercials with […]

Good news, everyone! Romney/Ryan have no specific plans to ruin the housing sector at this point, which is probably a good thing, given that Mitt Romney has been pretty clear about his interest in ruining education and Paul Ryan has a very specific plan to ruin Medicare and Medicaid. So let’s just all respectfully disagree […]