bush tax cuts

President McMuslimbot took to the podium today to introduce his new tax proposal that’s he’s had for about 10 years: extending (for one year) the “middle-class” tax cuts on all but the top two marginal income tax brackets, meaning each dollar of income above $250,000 would be taxed at rates last seen during the oppressive […]

Yeah, we were there for “LAME DUCK ’10.” Time of our lives, man, time of our lives. The gays got their military, the U.S. and Russia decided not to nuke each other for another few years, some nutrition or FDA dongle was passed — it was a lot of congressional activity! (Also too, there was […]

With a greater majority than passed the Bush tax cuts the first time, the United States House of Representatives passed the Obama-Republican tax-cut thing early this morning, 277 to 148. Across this great country the wealthy smiled, went into their children’s bedrooms, watched them sleeping there peacefully in their beds of cocaine, and decided to […]

Emo Obama is back, according to Obama-Republican tax-cut opponent Peter DeFazio, who said last night that the president is “making phone calls saying this is the end of his presidency if he doesn’t get” his deal passed. Oh, is that it? One thing doesn’t go his way, and suddenly the whole world has conspired against […]

After much talking, balking, and sulking, the Obama-Republican tax-cut package has passed Senate cloture by a vote of 69 to 10. So it looks like everything in the next two years will be passed by a refreshing, broad consensus, and all it takes is Democrats pretty much giving up all their ground on each issue. […]

Most Americans think tax cuts for the rich should not expire, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll. But also, according to a poll, one cited often by Democrats in the tax cut debate, most Americans think tax cuts for the rich should expire. So there you have it! Americans have no idea what […]

Hey! Obama finally did it, you guys! He has won over the key Dana Milbank constituency: “For the first time in my adult lifetime, I am really proud of President Obama.” Sure, Dana Milbank was proud of Barack Obama when he was a child, but never as an adult. What could have prompted this important […]

America’s single greatest achievement, John Boehner, was interviewed on last night’s 60 Minutes, and, thanks to his stage mom standing off camera, yelling at him to cry on cue, he didn’t disappoint. “I’ve never been in a tanning salon in my life, I’ve never used a tanning product in my life,” he said, his tears […]

Bernie Sanders is currently filibustering on the floor of the Senate because he doesn’t like the Obama-Republican tax cut plan. He’s been at it since 10:25 am, according to a C-SPAN graphic, and he will soon be jumping in and out of wormholes so his voice can be heard everywhere and through all of time. […]

The House Democratic Caucus voted, in a “virtually unanimous” fashion, against President Obama’s compromise tax deal in a closed-door meeting today, despite the plan being made by and for Republicans. Seriously, what is with House Democrats these days? Did they become the smoke monster? And what if the White House continues to pretend their compromise […]

So here is a nonpartisan Fox reporter telling Bill O’Reilly that terrorists loved watching what Obama said in his press conference yesterday, and voice of reason Bill O’Reilly telling this man he is an idiot if he believes that. The world is so upside down. Maybe Bill O’Reilly feels a sense of duty to protect […]

A departing governor about to enter the political wilderness / looking for a job with the administration soon supports the tax-cut compromise? GAME, SET, AND MATCH. This is incredible news. Democrats in Congress are peeing themselves because they are powerless to stop the overwhelming legislative might of Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm. Peeing blood, that is. […]

Barack Obama has heard that people on the left don’t like his compromise on tax cuts. Tough. You know what he has to deal with? He says the Republicans took the American public hostage. Have you ever had to deal with hostage takers? No you haven’t. They are not normal. You know who else isn’t […]

Democrats are a little upset that Obama hung out with Congress’ Republican leadership and came back with one of their matching “Tax Cuts Forever”-scripted leather jackets, so they’re not sure they will go along with his breathtaking cave (ooh! pretty stalactites!) on the issue. But Obama is very determined for his party in the legislature […]

The deal is done. Barack Obama decided to compromise. So, once again, Republicans get what they want, and can pretend they are mildly unhappy with it. All of their dumb old tax cuts, extended two years. They even got a cut in the estate tax. According to Obama, it was more important to save the […]