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Here’s Jon Stewart with a discussion of the Senate’s report on the CIA’s “super-aggressive terrorist suspect spa treatments.” Hope he doesn’t get too emotional! Best line (we love spoilers), in response to Dianne Feinstein’s “This is not what Americans do”: “Yes! This is not what Americans… except we did … But like with your internment […]

Let’s keep this short, so the Obama apologists can get right to work. Time is money, after all! The Obama administration has refused to declassify a secret memo from the George W. Bush presidency that justified the warrantless spying conducted by the National Security Agency (NSA). [The Atlantic via Cryptogon]

American taxpayers (China) paid for Bush administration officials to conduct political campaign activities for the 2006 midterm elections, which violated federal law and is information that, perhaps, we could have used somewhat earlier than a half decade after the fact. This is not surprising, nor is it surprising Karl Rove directed this stuff. What’s really […]

After the 9/11 (TM) attacks, while Rumsfeld and Cheney were arguing over which brown people to blow up first, the Bush Administration ordered some propaganda magazines produced and distributed in the Muslim Lands, so Our Enemies could see how rad we were, in the Land of Freedom. Writers and editors and designers were hired to […]

Troubled oil giant BP, which just wants its life back, is having a “bad news year” and needs the kind of experienced press flak who’s got plenty of experience lying for America’s most evil people. This is, after all, America — despite the Gulf of Mexico’s mysterious “Mexican Name” that keeps Sarah Palin confused every […]

The Supreme Court and the Obama Administration and the Troops/Veterans and Jesus all got together to try to keep an illegal goddamned religious statue in Mojave National Preserve, but guess what? The Devil is stronger, because He Is Legion, and the dumb/hideous Mojave Cross Made of Plumbing Pipe was cut down by Heroes and now […]

Former Bush administration Deputy Counsel John Michael Farren is enjoying his calmer, post-political private sector life in Connecticut so much that last night he just went ahead and beat the crap out of his wife with a flashlight before trying to strangle her to death and ultimately kill himself. PROBLEM HOWEVER: both he and his […]

You know what else went to Hell during eight long years of George W. Bush? The nation’s teen-aged girl children! Perhaps influenced by the ghetto trash Bush Twins, America’s gals reversed a decade of progress in the reduction of sex diseases and teen pregnancy. Oh, just kidding about Jenna and Barbara — this was actually […]

SUCKS TO BE YOU  3:21 pm May 18, 2009

by Ken Layne

SCREW YOU, MUSLIMS! The Supreme Court ruled today that Bush Administration officials cannot be sued for polices that led to 700+ Muslims in the United States being “arrested, roughed up and locked in a maximum security prison” after the 9/11 attacks. So, John Ashcroft and Robert Mueller are free to continue plotting against us. [LA […]

PLEASE?  2:10 pm May 5, 2009

by Jim Newell

FUCK OFF AND DIE: Ahh, looks like our old friends still care deeply about the integrity of the Justice Department: “Former Bush administration officials are lobbying behind the scenes to push Justice Department leaders to water down an ethics report criticizing lawyers who blessed harsh detainee interrogation tactics, according to two sources familiar with the […]

HOLY SMOKES  7:36 pm April 16, 2009

by Jim Newell

‘INSECTS PLACED IN A CONFINEMENT BOX’: We made a light joke earlier about Glenn Greenwald goin’ nuts with the highlighter on those four Bush Administration torture memos released today — almost completely unredacted — and man, he did just that. You are required to read some of the shit in these memos. This is our […]

It may be your lucky day, libtards! All you want are DoJ torture memos, uncut, NO REDAX, and now look at the breaking news: “In the fullest account to date of the questioning of al Qaeda suspects, government officials issued long sought documents that catalogue a list of tactics — from sleep and food deprivation […]

Like so many young Washington residents in this brutal economy, Wonkette operative “Nicorette St. Monstre” (if that is her real name) has some unemployed bums for roommates. One such jobless loser worked in the Bush Administration until whatever happened last week, and now our Operative finds her dwelling filled with these wretched, hopeless welfare cases […]

“The United States urged Russia on Friday to halt aircraft and missile attacks in Georgia’s breakaway region of South Ossetia and withdraw its combat forces from Georgian territory as the situation in the former Soviet state verged on full-scale war. …Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice called the parties involved in hopes of ending the fighting, […]

DEATH PENALTY  12:36 pm July 30, 2008

by Ken Layne

KARL ROVE IN CONTEMPT: “A U.S. congressional panel voted on Wednesday to find former presidential adviser Karl Rove in contempt for defying a subpoena to testify in its probe into suspected political meddling at the Justice Department.” [REUTERS]