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We’re not sure what “dictionary” Miz Paula Smith of Hinesville, Georgia, “reads,” but she clearly has Knowledge on her side when she says the n-word “is not racist.” Roger Friedman of Forbes got Miz Smith on the tallyphone to ask her why her company, Stickatude, has been selling some perhaps-inelegant bumper stickers that have doubtless […]

“MONKEY MIND OBAMA THE GREAT SATAN, AND THE CHANGE HE PROMISED YOU.” A sentence for the ages. While it stays true to the viewer’s spelling and grammar expectations, this vehicle switches up the art form by being a camper rather than a pickup truck, and we can safely say it has some refreshing new ideas […]

If there’s anything we’ve learned from this koran-burning non-story, it’s that people from Florida are idiots. (Haha, we already knew that.) Well get ready, Washingtonians, because, according to the back of this Toyota RAV4 spotted on I-395, Floridians are in town for a big 9/12 rally on the Mall!

The Cordoba Victory Party Mosque continued to inspire America’s best passions all over our xenophobic idiot-state, even after our own Muslim president cowardly came out in favor of its “constitutional” right to exist. Famous clown/Senator Carl Levin got smacked in the face with a Cordoba pie. A man whose name supposedly means “a frothy mixture […]

The class act to your left right [WE MOVED THE PICTURE] is elderly Nashville Anger Bear Harry Weisiger, who simply does not care for this Obama or any of his stupid tax ‘n’ spend commie faerie fans, especially the ones who showboat. Yesterday, he saw one of these gloating fucksticks ahead of him in traffic, […]

Rich car-owning operative “Amanda” sends notice of the latest terrible decoration that the monsters are swapping around: “Hi, I’m a longtime reader living in Gainesville, FL. Driving around town this morning, I sat at a stop light behind a woman in a white Mitsubishi with the bumper sticker ‘Don’t Blame Me, I Voted for Sarah!’ […]

Today has been so fun! In the last however many hours, Tim Kaine, Chet Edwards and Bill Nelson have all been named Barack Obama’s vice president! And now Evan Bayh will DEFINITELY UNDOUBTEDLY get his turn as vice president, because of a PRESCIENT BUMPER STICKER: “KMBC’s Micheal Mahoney reported that the company, which specializes in […]

CAMPAIGNS  12:03 pm August 6, 2007

Your 2008 Bumper Stickers

by Alex Pareene