buffett rule

Does Barack Obama understand capitalism? This is a legitimate question that Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post would like answered, given that Obama is a Socialist bully who uses intemperate language and who is NEVER EVER THERE for America’s bff Israel and MIGHT take powers granted to him by Obamacare to legislate “new and previously […]

We at Your Wonkette found it kind of tacky and ridiculous when we read everywhere that some tone-deaf deciderer on Obama’s communications staff had decidered to update each former president’s biography with references to Bamz himself. A little hubristic, fellows, no? But that was before we saw that this included even St. Ronald Reagan! And […]

Another day, another attempt by that punk Barack Hussein Nobama to diminish the presidency! What’d he do now? Did he put his feet up on his desk? Did he sing Young Jeezy in public? Did he fly in his plane? Did he act “cool”? (Yes. Burn him.) “You know, we had the Buffett Rule,” [House […]

ConservativeOutcry.net has our number, along with a new feature, “Wonkette Refuted,” responding to a “randomly chosen” article from Your Wonkette! The first victim? GOP To Ronald Reagan’s Secretary: Pay Those Taxes Harder! Unfortunately, this self-described “group of old men lamenting the destruction of the nation” seems to be unfamiliar with how the actual process of […]

Hey girl. You probably already heard that the GOP blocked the Buffett Rule, the “political” “gimmick” that says millionaires have to pay as much in taxes as Ronald Reagan’s secretary. Everyone knows that making millionaires pay the same rate as losers like you means punishing them for their success. ONLY YOU ARE TO BE PUNISHED, […]

Why is Ronald Reagan always trying to wage class warfare on executives paying less than their secretaries? Why does he want to punish people for success, by making them pay the same tax rate as a bunch of unemployed losers, like you? Why does Ronald Reagan hate Mitt Romney, and America? Maybe when he was […]