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Putin Tells Trump Not To Listen To Mean Old CIA. Wonkagenda for January 6, 2017

U.S. intel chiefs tell Senate about Russian hacking, Congress tries to pay for Trump's Wall, and Obama saves some more Alaska. Your morning news brief!

The RNC Has Nothing But Love For Russia. Your Wonkagenda For December 12, 2016

Trump's team doesn't believe it's own intel, Rick Perry might get a new job, and China has some explosive thoughts about Taiwan.

Wonkagenda: Monday, September 26, 2016

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The best way to read your Sunday NYT

Wonkagenda: Monday, September 19, 2016

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Why, yes, changes in concealed carry policies mean I want to ban all guns.

Virginia Republican Bets Gov. Might Appreciate Guns More If We Let Someone Shoot Him

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe has incurred some serious gun-humper butthurt with a new policy on concealed carry permits. To punish the governor, a state senator has taken an idea from the internet (and a "joke" by Tucker Carlson) and...
Love, America

Congress Reaches New Levels of Suckitude With Funding Bill: A Wonksplainer

A few years ago, Congress got rid of earmarks because of corruption. In Jurassic Park, we learned that nature will find a way. In the same vein, our GOP overlords in Congress are teaching us that corruption will find...

How Paul Ryan Failed As House Speaker In Record Time: A Wonksplainer

Paul Ryan gained the Speaker’s Gavel after everyone and their mother determined that he was THE ONLY ONE who could save the GOP from disastrous dumbassery after Crybaby McDrunkerson decided to peace out. While Ryan demurred like a coy...
Suck it, America

Senate Republicans Pass Meaningless ‘Budget’ Just To Prove They’re Dicks

In another display of bold, big boy leadership, Senate Republicans just barely passed a budget resolution on Tuesday, which serves no purpose whatsoever other than putting on the record, again, that they are the party of terrible people who...
Dirty mouth!

Republican House Passes Budget Bill To Screw America Because Screw You, America!

It was just a week ago that House Republicans introduced their latest scheme to screw America, which they charmingly call the Balanced Budget for a Stronger America. It would not actually balance the budget (unless you do some fancy...
JPL'S Orbiting Carbon Observatory 2

Hero Ted Cruz Will Save Us All From NASA Studying Our Climate

Ted Cruz is pretty darn annoyed with NASA these days, seeing as how it's just been wasting a lot of taxpayer money studying the climate and foolishness like that. For heaven's sake, everyone knows that NASA is supposed to...
He probably won't veto it, will he?

Let’s Repeal Obamacare: 56th Time’s The Charm

Today, with a perfectly straight face, the House of Representatives voted for the 56th time to repeal the Affordable Care Act, with a vote of 239-186. And this time is different! This time, the Senate is controlled by Republicans, who...
lying liar who lies

Paul Ryan So Mad At Obama For Inventing Poverty

We know what you are thinking, and it is that you haven't seen enough of Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI)  in the news lately. What has he been up to? Oh, nothing much, just saying lies about President Obama's new...
Rachel Maddow channels the Church Lady

Morning Maddow: Why Are Conservatives Sending John Boehner Their Balls? (Video)

About five years back, conservatives were really excited about mailing tea bags to members of Congress, to send an important message about tea, and liberty, and resisting tyranny. It was a Huge Success! And while no other campaign to...

House GOP Passes Ryan Budget, Offers To Help Democrats Write Campaign Ads For Fall

The House of Representatives voted 219-205 to approve the terrible Paul Ryan budget plan that everyone agrees doesn't have a chance in the Senate and, for that matter, isn't even likely to result in any actual spending bills in the...

Oh Look, Paul Ryan Lied About Something

Are you done yet? Did you read all eight gazillion pages of the Ryan Budget, or did you stop after the first few lines and pleasure yourself thinking about his dreamy biceps? Well, we didn’t read it all either...

Sarah Palin Literally Scourges And Crucifies Paul Ryan For Not Hating Poors Hard Enough

Professional Eddie Munster imitator Wisconsin Republican Rep. Paul Ryan had to be feeling pretty pleased with himself yesterday, raining all over B. Barry Bamz's football-spikin' party with a new 10-year budget proposal. Ryan's lil' April Fool's Day prank would...