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Tag: britain

Making Sure A Plane Bomber Will Never Not Actually Bomb A Plane Again

The Department of Homeland Security will begin smuggling more plainclothes air marshals on planes, most likely by just putting them in a regular Advil bottle. Regarding theĀ aspirationalĀ terror act, Obama, from Hawaii, has finally issued important threats about Investigating Things....

John Culberson Would Like To Ask Hillary Clinton For Something

Texas Rep. John Culberson is a jackass, and yesterday he wrote a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. He requested help with something, internationally. So what was his pressing concern for the nation's top diplomat? Dear Secretary Clinton: I...

Cheney Is Going To Go Ahead And Just Arrest All Britain’s Terrorists For Them

The British are terribly, terribly cross with America's former Vice President Dick Cheney. The meddlesome Cheney somehow found himself all mixed up in counter-terrorism investigations over there! It seems he almost totally botched the UK's arrest of three British...

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