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Hey kids! It is time once again for Bristol Palin to smear some Thoughts at us! What is our topic for today? It is how the “president” had a gay sex fist bump, per Ben Shapiro, or “five short paragraphs from the National Review Online followed by two sentences ‘by’ Bristol Palin, neither of which […]

We know that the Hobby Lobby decision is dangerous and terrible for the nation, but for filthy liberal bloggers, it is for sure going to be the gift that keeps on giving, mostly because there is so much post-decision derp from the Hobby Lobbyists. We should have known that Bristol Palin, queen of being best […]

Sarah Palin posted an example of rightwing comedy on her Faceplace thing Tuesday with some hilarious riffs on the absurd notion that Bowe Bergdahl has “forgotten how to speak English” — which isn’t something that anyone in Bergdahl’s family has really claimed, of course; we’ll get to that after the jump. But first, let’s enjoy […]

What’s the deal with former child stars? Don’t get us wrong, we know being a child star is a fucked-up life, but is the best way to solve it turning into a depressingly fervent Bible banger like Kirk Cameron or, apparently, his little sister Candace Cameron Bure, she of DJ Tanner in “Full House” fame? […]

Do you ever feel like maybe Bristol Palin and her mom, Moose, are projecting a little bit? Here, for instance, is “Bristol’s” latest bloog post, about how she enjoys the Bible and choosing life, and how pro-choice people are constantly “spewing violence” toward pro-life folks. Like, they are probably murdering pro-life people right there in […]

So there is this sleazy gossip site,, and it loves to do blind items, some of which are super made up, and the rest of which are about Robin Thicke banging every lady in the land who is not his wife. Well, they have come out with a new blind item, and then “answered” […]

Gather round, dearies, and take unto your hearts and brainstems the latest wisdom pearl from America’s Kundun, the preternaturally deep and soulful Bristol Palin. Once again, no need to click; here it is in its entirety! I came across this Scripture and wanted to pass it along. “The blessing of The Lord brings wealth, and […]

Here is Wendy Davis calmly and politely calling Bristol Palin a liar. We’ll admit we’re of two minds about this — on the one hand, it might have been better not to respond at all to the griftjunior’s dumb lies, because honestly. There’s definitely something to be said for above-the-fraying it. On the other hand, […]

Bristol Palin’s ghostwriter has some advice for Wendy Davis, and that advice is to stop being a whore who abandons her children for her job and education and be more like Bristol Palin. It is titled, “Dear Wendy Davis, You Can Have a Job and Kids,” and if you’ll excuse us it’s time to eat […]

Hello librul commie free-speech-hatin’ intolerants, who do not understand how the First Amendment protects your right to arglebargle on the teevee as long as it is the right kind of arglebargle. (Hint: Gay-hating is the right kind. Wishing someone would dookie in Sarah Palin’s mouth is the wrong kind. Get it? No, neither do we. […]

We don’t know what it is about Bristol Palin, but that girl has got herself some fans. Or one fan who won’t stop writing to us. Our short piece yesterday about the child custody lawsuit filed by Manly Alaskan Sperm-Thrower Levi Johnston only drew about 70 comments, which is about right for a one-paragraph story. […]

There are some days when Yr Wonkette is very glad that we do not allow comments. Because if we did, we might find ourselves with bucketloads of comments like these, from “Livefree601″ on the topic of Bristol Palin, teen mom and Planned-Parenthood Dismantler: She’s literally the most amazing and strongest woman out there. Who else […]

Noted debutante Bristol Palin, who became an unwilling postergirl for chastity and purity and second virginities and whatnot (second virginities are when you only give up the butt), has done posted a “thought” on the MyFace and her dumb religion blog, and honestly, she is probably plumb tuckered out from having it ghostwritten for her. […]

While we here in the librulsphere have not yet finished dancing on the graves of DOMA and Prop 8 and lulzing with Nancy at the tears of Michele Bachmann and all the other butthurt conservatives who are rending their garments and crying SO hard because when Jesus said love thy neighbor, they think he stage-whispered […]

Among the city of Detroit’s multitude of problems is crime. Well, not crime so much as murder. The city of 700,000-ish averaged about one murder a day in 2012 even as officials claim crime overall fell. Just like on The Wire! Nothing shady about crime down/murders up statistics at all. But why is Detroit so […]