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Tag: bridge to nowhere

Sarah Palin Pretty Sure Sarah Palin To Thank For GOP Midterm Tidal Wave

Sarah Palin, remember her? She was that lady who socialized Alaska's oil, fought the good old boy network, and broke the glass ceiling in the Land of the Midnight Sun? We know, it's hard to place her, due to...

Wasilla Gentleman Almost Definitely Wouldn’t Lock Disabled Children In The Attic

Wasilla, Alaska, city councilman and state House candidate Mark Ewing is sorry, but if nobody else is going to make the tough choices, he will be the one to stand up and say it: Stop wasting tax money sending...

Mitt Romney Will Use Constant Mockery To Win America’s Hearts

Mitt Romney's erstwhile lecture tour of Doomed America -- last seen some months back when he gave us a guided car trip past the dilapidated homes of Detroit poors followed by a quick scold for Lazy America outside...

Can’t Keep A Good Earmark Down