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Putin Just Sent Your New Boyfriend To Jail Again. HELLO, NEW BOYFRIEND.

Russian opposition guy is hot. Will continue to be hot IN JAIL.

Is China Bribing Trump? Well, We’re Not Saying It’s Not!

Donald Trump getting lubed so hard by Chinese Patent office, but is it an Emolument? Spoiler Alert: It is!
Nothing to see here, g'wan, get him outta here. Get him out!

New York Attorney General Somehow Under Impression Trump Foundation Might Be Kind Of Fishy

New York A.G. Eric Schneiderman is investigating the Trump Foundation just because it may have engaged in some illegal donations. How is that even fair?
Good thing he's trustworthy,or we might suspect he's not always truthful.

Donald Trump’s Foundation Remarkably Bad At Charity, Ain’t That A Kick In The Pants?

Donald Trump caught lying again about charitable donations? The deuce you say!
we all did a business

Which Bank Is Just Going To Pay A Big Ol’ Meaningless Fine This Week?

It's your week in corporate malfeasance. Get out your pitchforks!

Donald Trump Did Not Say That Thing About American Soldiers That He Said

Donald Trump may have accused American soldiers of stealing 'millions and millions' of dollars in Iraq reconstruction money. Or he may have accused Iraqi soldiers of doing that. Or he may be a floor wax and a dessert topping.
Nope, can't take the Ferrari to prison with you.

Supreme Court: Isn’t That $175,000 Bribe Really Just $175,000 ‘Speech’?

Funtimes at the US Supreme Court! In hearing an appeal to former Virginia Governor and current felon Bob McDonnell's conviction for Duke Cunningham levels of bribe-taking, the court seemed to be questioning whether federal laws mandating that you not...
Art swiped shamelessly from the incomparable Bill Griffith. OK, with some shame.

Head Foot-The-Ball Guy Resigns In Huge FIFA Scandal We All Care About Very Much

Wow, have you been following the incredibly fascinating FIFA scandal as closely as we have? As sports-related fuck-tussles go, it's like the Chicago Black Sox times DeflateGate plus BENGHAZI! It's all about corruption and bribery in the governing body...
You're looking especially Muppetlike today, Senator

NJ Sen. Robert Menendez Indicted; Sorry, Daily Caller, No Fake Underaged Hookers This Time

Sen. Robert Menendez (D-New Jersey) has been indicted on corruption charges by the Justice Department in a bribery scandal that Yr Wonkette would never even cover if the guy had been a Democrat. He's accused of receiving campaign contributions...
Nope, can't take the Ferrari to prison with you.

Sad Former VA Gov. Bob McDonnell Will Be Your Pen-Pal, From Prison

  Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell has been sentenced to two years in the Crossbar Hotel on multiple corruption charges. Federal Judge James Spencer said that the case "breaks his heart" but added that a "price must be paid" for...
Oh this guy, what a joker

Mitch McConnell’s Campaign Manager Quits To Spend More Time With His (Alleged) Bribe Money

Looks like Senate Minority Leader and Supreme Chelonian Overlord Mitch McConnell is going to have to find himself a new campaign manager after the sudden resignation of Jesse Benton, who will now have more time to hold his nose...

Kissin’ Congressman Vance McAllister Gets Honest on His Way Out

You may remember Vance McAllister, the family-values Republican from Louisiana who made sexxxy kisses all over one of his staffer's faces, and then fired that staffer because her sluttiness was contributing to a hostile work environment or whatever. Welp, Vance...

FBI Affidavit In Leland Yee Case Makes Pretty Good Movie Pitch

The strange case of Leland Yee, the Democratic California state Senator charged with bribery and corruption and general terribleness Wednesday, lends itself to media analogies. The Escapist decided Yee was a character from Grand Theft Auto, which works nicely...

The Day Everything Changed: Maria Bartiromo Will Make Sweet Love To Wall Street On Different Network

CNBC Teevee Lady Maria Bartiromo is departing the Wall Street-fellating network that's been her home for 20 years so that she can lick the bronze bull's balls at rival Fox Business Network instead. Bartiromo recently got a bit...

David Vitter Demands Senate Democrats Go Probe Themselves For Reminding Us Of That Time He Used To Screw Hookers

Oh, Sen. David Vitter (R-Whore House), we heart you soooooo much. No, really, we do. You are, in fact, our very favorite diapers-wearing john in the whole Senate. While some politicians might slink away from the public eye in...

Heroic Right Wing Columnists Taking Malaysian Bribe Money, Is That Not OK?

When Buzzfeed tells you that a "covert Malaysian campaign touched a wide range Of American media," do not go thinking it is actually a "wide range." The covert campaign touched a cabal of flag-waving right-wing columnists who, it seems,...