brett favre

We have a verdict in New York’s first revenge porn case, and it’s bad news for anyone who has ever been humiliated after sending erotic self-portraits to their “main ho,” “side piece,” or “significant other,” and wants to see that person convicted of a crime, in New York: A Manhattan judge ruled this week that […]

This morning we learned about Todd Kincannon, a sensitive former executive director of the South Carolina GOP. We learned that he loves to say on Twitter that Travyon Martin deserved to be put down like a rabid dog, and also that if he had grown up (which of course he did not) he would have […]

NOW IT IS SERIOUS. As “the eternal winter of war” continues to defecate all over the once-pristine state of Minnesota, we are hearing terrifying news reports that Minnesota’s liquor is running out. Nobody is able get their state-issued liquor purchasing cards renewed, so we suggest that anyone still alive at this hour over there should […]