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You’d think by now the Republicans would just be trying to figure out how to just take voting rights away from ladies and blahs and browns and homosexxicans rather than pretending that any part of their platform will ever appeal to anybody but angry white straight guys. But, in a testament to an absolutely blinkered […]

We have nine million comments backed up in the queue, and they are just precious! We will make an effort to bring you as many of these “real characters” as we can in the next few installments of yr Dear Shitferbrains. Let’s see what frothy goodness the internet has left lapping up against the sides […]

Damn kids these days, with their rock ‘n roll devil music and their whip-its (wait, is that still a thing?), and their bracelets to raise awareness about breast cancer. The court battle between two girls and their Pennsylvania school over “I (heart) Boobies!” bracelets could be settled by the U.S. Supreme Court. The Easton Area […]

Gay Barack Obama, who is definitely and 1000 percent totally gay, is going to make the Black House White House pink tonight, because of how he is really absolutely supergay. Tourists may do a double take when they pass by the White House on Thursday. That’s because, for one evening, the Pennsylvania Avenue side of […]

Some years ago, we saw a film that made us want to murder all the people. It was called “In the Family,” and it was about a young lady who has the BRCA gene that killed all her grandmothers and all her mothers and all her aunts with lady cancer. In this film, the young […] is a pretty cool website, at least for the people who say “pro-life” instead of “anti-abortion.” It brings together all the news that makes abortion look like it is not only killing full-grown toddlers, but their mothers and families and probably priests too. It’s the go-to place to see the abortion narratives in the […]

Before going into too much detail, the answer is Michelle Obama. Always. Unless of course the question is, “Who ate the rest of my french fries?” (The answer to that question used to be The Snowbilly, but now who knows?!) If you watched last night’s debate long enough to see the spouses emerge from the […]

We spent most of our lives thinking that breast cancer sucks — our mother is a breast cancer survivor, after all — but apparently we were just thinking small, blinded to the huge political opportunity that breast cancer presents for misogynist shitbags who want to appear pro-woman without actually doing anything pro-woman. Take,  for example, […]

Leslie Aun, Susan G. Komen’s national vice president of communications, quit yesterday so that she can spend more time with someone else’s children, in her new role as VP of communications for Venture Philanthropy Partners. We would like to shout a big Yay! but instead we’re muttering a small yay. Because really, it’s the Komen […]

What a charming holiday story: the nutsack owners of a Christian bookstore mega-chain are discontinuing sales of a particular Bible that donates one dollar of every sale to a breast cancer research charity, because of… what this time, charity being anti-free market or something? (Oops, we shouldn’t give them more ideas.) NO, it’s because the […]

The Progressive Blogs, a feared and highly organized hegemonic force, are very upset with Hadassah Lieberman for continuing to raise money for breast cancer research despite being married to her husband, Joe Lieberman. This is disgraceful, and a mockery to the literally millions of other people who raise money for breast cancer research all the […]

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