On Sunday, CNN finally found something other than Flight 370 to be blindingly stupid about, asking whether, in the wake of the murders of three people at a Jewish Community Center in Kansas last week by racist and anti-Semite Frazier Glenn Miller, it might be possible for the Ku Klux Klan to “rebrand” itself. Spoiler: […]

Some six thousand years ago, when George Washington and Jesus were walking through colonial Williamsburg with their friends the dinosaurs, our Founding Fathers wrote a Constitution laying out a broad vision for what government should and shouldn’t do in a free country. Their “should do” list was fairly basic: “establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide […]

What is the real trouble with the Occupy Wall Street movement these days? Nobody is making enough money off it! Anti-corporate sentiment is finally hip enough to be mass marketable again, so you can all retire those Che Guevara t-shirts at last, hippies. You’ve got a new brand now! MTV is busily producing some slick […]

Two issues “on the table” in this week’s heads-a-bloggin’ exchange between your editor and Choire Sicha: that goddamned White House Correspondents Association Dinner/Jerkoff, and a curious new marketing video put out by our former employers at Gawker Media. Who will win?!

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Charm City

by wonkette